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Feb 4, 2013 05:44 AM

Danger, Malware ahead!

Chrome auto opened a "warning, malware!" window six times since logging in my CHOW account this morning.

This flag happened 3x's while attempting to read Site Talk threads.

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  1. Same with me.. hope this gets fixed...

    1. McAfee did the same to me three times last week... on FF here.

      1. Same here, seems to be coming from one of the ads.

        1. This problem seems to be happening in Chrome on sites across the internet. Here is a discussion on this topic on Chrome's support forum.

          We'll keep an eye on this, but it does not at all appear to be isolated to

          Here are google's diagnostic pages for and showing no malware.

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          1. re: meshane

            Interesting, no other sites I'm visiting using Chrome have prompted the malware window...but thank you for looking into the problem and sharing what you found out. J

            1. re: HillJ

              I haven't ran into this personally yet, but other people within our office have seen it. The google chrome forum seems to point to a few chrome extensions. You might try disabling extensions and see if this problem persists.

              1. re: meshane

                Thanks, I'll give the extension settings a look.

            2. re: meshane

              It seems to be related to ads on the sites. From the google discussion:

              "T staff at my college got an email stating an advertising company had been infected with malware and Chrome was flagging any site with said companies tracking cookies as unsafe. (I think.) Here is an excerpt.

              "I've noticed that when I attempt to go to quite a few news websites today Chrome warns me that the page may have malware by Chrome even gives me that warning when I try to go to Here's an article on the subject."


              1. re: ChristinaMason

                That could very well be it.

                One thing people don't realize is that many of the ads served by most Web sites are not actually under the direct control of the Web site owner. So the site could be safe but an ad being served on the site could be full of malware.

                It is actually very hard to detect & it sounds like Google tuned Chrome to be slightly more aggressive in alerting users to URLs which might be malicious.

            3. Me too, me too!

              I had the same warning this morning, which I've attached in screenshot. Strangely, it went away this afternoon.

              I posted in the relevant google forum and encourage others here to do the same: