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Feb 4, 2013 12:09 AM

best value starred lunch in Paris?


In February 2011 we went to Paris and loved everything about the L'Astrance lunch (food, decor, price!!). We will be going back to Paris in October of this year and looking for something of comparable price and quality.

Essentially, I am looking for the best value michelin-starred lunch in Paris! So far I have found L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Etoile's 37 euro lunch, but can't seem to find any other lunch specials as good as this.

Looking to spend 70 euro or less per person (for food) and prefer a long lunch (ie numerous courses).

Many thanks in advance for your assistance!!

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  1. Thanks for opening this thread, actually i was thinking about it myself and would be glad to read latest info on that. I can share my limited expirience on Le Cinq - great lunch was around 70 at the time and i think it is more now - food was very good but i think that the overall setting+mood+food+excellent services and especially what is "around the main courses" generous servings like bread, butter, pralins petit four and so, made it really special, but also the courses themself were good but not "shockingly" good.
    Regardless of starred places or not - If you haven't tried Chez L'ami Jean's full tasting menu at lunch when place is not crowded - for me those 80 E and this expirience was by far better then eating at Le Cinq, but i guess those are different "ballparks". The quantity and level of food at CLJ was really special, and for me it is much more important then the decor and "ceremony" of the 2-3 starred places.

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      Thanks for the rec oferl, have added Chez L'ami Jean to this list - on our last trip it had been on there I vaguely recall but I can't find where I put my research notes!

      I totally understand what you are saying - CLJ definitely fits the bill for what we are looking for, michelin stars or not (I use the term michelin stars to indicate I am looking for somewhere special) :)

      Hopefully others will be able to assist both of us further!

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        CLJ is starred, it's at the price point, it's good and its pretty safe. I think meets your criteria. But I m not certain it is in the same league as L'Astrance or Robuchon.

        It is probably a similar price point (especially if you stray from the basic set menu) as the above, and it is clearly loved by many on the board. But, whilst I like it, I think its reputation and price point is starting to disconnect from what is on the plate.

        As one of the few CLJ heretics on the board I await the Spanish inquisition with relish...!

    2. i hope that this is not considered highjacking teh thread, but has anyone eaten the lunch at pierre gagnaire recently? interested in cost and thoughts.

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        going there for lunch today... will report back!!!

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            Hey turbochop, what did you think of pierre gagnaire?