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Feb 3, 2013 11:19 PM

Pastry making/Bread making classes in the Bay Area?

HI all,

I am looking for pastry making and bread making classes, that are not more than half a day long, in the bay area. I did find some classes in the city, but they are either a week long, or last for 2 days(over a weekend). I work full time, hence am looking for something on a weekend.

Thanks for your feedback in advance. Appreciate it!


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  1. I attended the starter workshop at Sour Flour bakery at La Victoria and can recommend it. The workshop on dough development sounds really good too.

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      Not only that, but there are often deals for it on Living Social, so it's very reasonable!

    2. thanks all. If you do know of any pastry making classes as well, that would be great.


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        Sur la Table is adverising an Intro to French Pastry class this month - Palo Alto and Santa Rosa are the only Bay Area sites.

      2. Kitchen on Fire in Berkely has weekend and evening classes. I took a pie making class this summer that was alot of fun. Check out their website for the class calendar. They offer series and one-time classes. I think they do bread making classes. They also do some cool theme classes like different ethnic cooking, cooking for a dinner party, etc.
        I would most defintiely go back, I just haven't had time.

        1. Check out the Napa Valley Cooking School: enthusiast spring 2013 Final.pdf

          We had two bottles of Screaming Eagle at one class. Last year we had Chef Eric Lee, a contestant at one of the Foodnetwork shows, teach a class. Chef Barbara Alexander can easily do stand-up comedy, except that she is serious about the class.

          Make sure you can navigate those country roads after all the wine pairings!

          1. San Francisco Baking Institute would be my first choice:
            480 Grandview Drive
            South San Francisco, CA 94080
            (650) 589-5784

            "Baking classes in the Bay Area"

            Baking Classes in San Jose / Silicon Valley / Bay Area

            Kitchen On Fire
            1509 Shattuck Avenue # A
            Berkeley, CA 94709

            Professional Culinary Institute of California
            700 W. Hamilton Ave.
            Campbell, CA 95008

            Draeger’s Cooking School
            4100 Blackhawk Plaza Circle
            Danville, CA 94506

            Sur la Table
            23 University Avenue
            Los Gatos, California 95030
            (408) 395-5576

            Draeger’s Cooking School
            1010 University Dr.
            Menlo Park, CA 94025

            Sur la Table
            Town & Country Village
            Palo Alto, California 94301
            (650) 289-0438

            Pans on Fire
            310-B Main Street
            Pleasanton , CA 94566
            (925) 600-7267

            Baking Arts
            542 Brannan #410
            San Francisco, CA 94107
            (415) 706-7112

            Cooks Boulevard
            1309 Castro Street
            San Francisco, CA
            (415) 647-2665

            Sur La Table
            Union Square
            San Francisco, California 94108
            (415) 732-7900

            Tante Marie’s Cooking School
            271 Francisco Street
            San Francisco, CA 94133
            (415) 788-6699

            Draeger’s Cooking School
            222 East 4th Ave.
            San Mateo, CA 94401