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Feb 3, 2013 11:18 PM

Questions about Barcelona!

Hello chowhounders!

My fiancee and I are travelling to Barcelona for our honeymoon. We are arriving early Monday 30th September from South Australia and leaving Tuesday 8th October for Nice. We will be staying in an apartment on Passeig de Gracia.

I have done some research but if anyone could help with the following questions it would be greatly appreciated!!

- Is the kitchen at Tapas24 open all day? It will be nearby to our apartment and I am thinking it will be good for a "dinner" on our first night. We will probably be looking at eating around 4:30-5pm because I don't think we will last later than that after our flight so if not Tapas24 is there somewhere you could recommend that will have a kitchen open at this time on a Monday in the general vicinity?

- Seafood spots? I love seafood and in Australia from what I understand we are relatively spoilt when it comes to seafood. I am looking for somewhere that is perhaps in Barceloneta or by the sea that does a seafood platter for around 100/150 euro for 2. Whenever we go to Sydney, for example, we love to get a seafood platter on Darling Harbour which is a huge platter for two to share with prawns, scallops, fish, octopus, squid, etc etc. I am hoping Barcelona has something similar? (would

- Best fresh churros? When we went to Paris in 2011 we had fresh churros made by an old man at the Bastille Markets. I had heard about him on the internet somewhere and they were truly amazing. I am sure Barcelona can beat them though! The closer to our apartment the better (so we can keep going back!!)

- How much is the Cinc Sentits Prix Fixe menu?? I tried to search CH but couldn't find it and its not on their website. Has anyone had this, what is it like? We like to go for lunch and prix fixe options whenever possible as I have, as the saying goes "champagne taste with beer money" ;)

- I am thinking of the following places for meals: Tapas24, Tickets, Hisop, El Celler de can Roca, Cal Pep, Cinc Sentits, El Quim, Pinotxo. Any thoughts on these and any you can add that I have missed?

Thanks in advance everyone for your assistance in planning our dream honeymoon!!

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  1. Hi, hoping you and your wife-to-be have a great time in our "city of marvels".

    Regarding seafood — and seafood platters — it will sound counter-intuitive, however, in so far as some of Iberia's best seafood can be enjoyed in Madrid — (as far from any coastline as it is possible to be) so it is in Barcelona — where the better seafood spots do not enjoy a view of the sea.

    My experience of living here 10 years suggests that the places in Barceloneta are good — but not the best. Every visitor expects the seafood to be at its best nearest the coast. Consequently a myriad number of just so-so places exist to serve the (sometimes less-educated) demand.

    The days when Barcelona's miniscule fishing fleet landed anything like the best fish and seafood are long, long, gone.

    Cheriff, in Barceloneta, is good for seafood (they serve espardenyes) but there's no view of the sea.

    Moncho's (which serves reasonable — but not good seafood) has a couple of outlets within sight of the sea at Port Olimpic — just a little alongaway the coast from Barceloneta.

    Some of the best fish and seafood places are in Poble Nou (Els Pescadors:, Poble Sec (Rías de Galicia: and there are excellent marisquerias dotted around Eixample. Then there's the more down to earth, though excellent value, La Paradeta ( which has four outlets in BCN — Sants — El Born — Eixample (Sagrada Familia) and La Meridiana.

    However, very surprisingly, one of the best places for the freshest, best presented, seafood is just off Via Laietana —Brasserie Flo: ( who serve an excellent seafood parillada — seafood platter — for less then 50€.
    I'm a bit of an oyster snob — and the oysters served here are wonderful. In all my time in Barcelona I've never tasted better French or Galician oysters.

    You mention all the usual seafood suspects — but, as you've travelled so far — I recommend you try espardenyes, ( something you will never be able to savour anywhere else. And, maybe try percebes — goose barnacles (from Galicia) and sea urchins (erizo de mar, or, in Catalan, eriçós de mar.

    As for churros — well, sorry to disappoint, but BCN is not good on churros. Wish it were — love them too. But, honestly, never yet found a good fresh churros place. Instead savour all the fantastic pastries that BCN is good at. There are dozens of fantastic pastisseries and chocolateries. Have fun exploring them.

    All the best — wishing you a great trip

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      Thanks so much for all your great suggestions Haarlson! I look forward to reading all the menus (and drooling!!). I would most definitely love to try some unusual seafood, especially that which is traditionally only from the area.

      Isn't it funny how it always works - that quite often the best seafood places are no where near the sea!

      Sorry to hear about the churros!!! They are one of my favourite treats, oh well I am sure pastries will fit the bill!

      1. re: Haarlson

        Thanks to your rec, we loved the espardenyes at Paco Meralgo. They were the most expensive thing we had there at 21 Euros but totally worth it and I'd order again.

        For OP, I know you'll go there anyway but just looking at the seafood at Mercat de la Boqueria will make you swoon. Photo below. And if you have an apartment, you may want to pick up some things.

        Off-topic, we arrived about 3PM and went almost immediately to bed for several hours (set the alarm!). Went to dinner 9-10PM IIRC.

        1. re: c oliver

          Great photos, I would definitely have no idea how to cook these things but I may have to do some research!

        2. re: Haarlson

          I wouldn't poopoo all Barcelona churros.There are some pretty decent ones out there, and if one is only visiting Barcelona it would be a shame to miss out on such a treat.

          The best churros I've had in Barcelona were from the Xurreria on C/ Banys Nous. Combined with the chocolate from La Granja just down the street they are great. La Granja makes some of the best chocolate in the city. It's not that pudding-like stuff you find in churrerias, but something thinner and more flavourful.

          Xurreria Sagrada Familia also makes some very good churrros. We happened upon this place walking through the neighbourhood and were really surprised by the quality of the churros.

          Bar Churreria Layetana makes ok churros, but I found their porras quite good. Their chocolate is run-of-the-mill commercial stuff.

          There are a lot of churrerias in Barcelona and I've only tried about 8 or 10. I'm sure there are a few pearls out there. If you walk by one and you see they just made a new batch of churros, buy one euro's worth and see how you like them, then report back here if you find anything worthwhile. This board is very much lacking in this sort of information. It seems all anyone wants to talk about here is high-end dining and Michelin stars.

        3. I covered a few of these in my report from 2011. As I remember, Tapac24 is open all day without break and this is confirmed on their site, which gives opening hours as 8am to midnight.

          I did have the menu at Cinc Sentits, and if you do not get a response, I will attempt to find the price in my notes:

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          1. re: erica

            Thanks Erica - I thought that was the case and saw the website but sometimes places in Australia say they are "open" all day but close the kitchen between 3 & 6.

            Thanks for the link to your food reports, and thanks for the reports - they made my mouth drool!

          2. Cal Pep is a terrific place to eat. Just be sure to go early, since they don't take reservations, and you have to wait in line. But it's worth it!

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              Thanks bcc, great to know. We are used to eating dinner earlier and with jet lag I imagine we will be dining early most of our time which I guess can be an advantage in some cases!

              1. re: keedm002

                Dining early may also mean that you're the only ones in the restaurant other than the staff. For me, part of the enjoyment of dining out, particularly in other countries, is enjoying the vibe. Barcelona is WAY better than it used to be. When my husband was there on business 25 years ago, most places didn't open til 10 and at 10 they'd be the only ones there :) Since you're going to be in Europe for a bit, I'd still take late afternoon naps and try to go out later. Such fun in Barcelona.