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Feb 3, 2013 08:24 PM

What was the most unusual or notable thing you ate tonite while watching the Superbowl?

We were going to go out and then lost our mojo and stayed home so we didnt have the house stocked with treats, but at the end of the game we dessert-ed on a giant spoonful of Nutella and Marshmallow Fluff and it was delicious!

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  1. We had carnitas, a Mexican radish salad, guacamole and chips. Mos' satisfyin'.

    The food was far better than the commercials, but that is saying precious little.

    1. Chorizo injected chicken wings. They were unbelievable.

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      1. re: Sandwich_Sister

        How, praytell, does one inject chorizo into chicken wangs?

        1. re: Perilagu Khan

          In the Greater Orlando Area there is a meat market, Petty's Meats. The owner found a way to inject chicken wings with chorizo. My guess is like a stuffing injector or something.

          Maybe its like Frankenstein wings. but they were very delicious!

          We bought a pound of them which was actually only about 5 wings.

          If you ever find yourself in the area it's I've got to give them credit

      2. I don't think it's too unusual, but I've never had Old Bay seasoned Chicken Wings before, plus they were baked and rivaled most other wings I've had. Definitely going to be making them again.
        Also made some baked pumpernickel onion rings, while tasty, they didn't get covered that well (either I need more practice or maybe stick to fried onion rings).
        Everything else I had was pretty commonplace, though.

        1. Prosciutto bread. Proscuitto is ground finely and you make it almost like a Stromboli.

          1. Not sure any of it was unusual. Drank Terrapin IPA, made salad, crab chips, old bay wings, crab stuffed mushrooms, and the main was seared scallops. The scallops really didn't fit the theme or the event, but the sea scallops looked so good at the store where I was shopping.