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Feb 3, 2013 06:47 PM

Ideas for a great dinner in Conshohocken?

Taking friends out for dinner Saturday night. Blackfish is booked. Would appreciate any suggestions for great food in Conshohocken. Thanks!

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  1. Spring Mill Cafe BYO french restaurant.. been around forever but still doing good food.

    You could drive a bit further to chestnut hill and go to Mica which is like Blackfish but with a liquor license.

    Fayette Street Grill is good but certainly nott as good as Blacifish.

    Trattoria Totaor is good italian...

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    1. re: cwdonald

      cw hit the high points.
      Remember, I believe Spring Mill Cafe only takes cash. Also, it is a BYO as well as Fayette Street Grille.
      If you want Italian, Stella Blu is decent.
      If you want true upscale, Savona (and more casual sister Bar Savona) is directly across the bridge in Gulph Mills 2 minutes away.

      1. re: arepo

        Spring Mill Cafe is number one on my list. Love the food, love the staff,love the intimacy...and love the fact it is a BYOB

        1. re: jarona

          Thanks, everyone! Spring Mill Cafe it is!!!

          1. re: tourmama

            Report back after you've gone. I'm extremely curious to see how you like it!