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Feb 3, 2013 06:21 PM

Blue Moon IceCream recipe will this unusual ice cream maker ruin it?

My baby cousin's 2nd birthday is coming up and and since she'll be old enough to handle the sensation of sweets I decide I want to make Blue Moon ice cream for the occasion. I found this recipe
which I want to try out
but I'm afraid it might not work out well since I don't have an ice cream maker machine but that ice cream revolution ball thing
I heard that the difference between it and ice cream makers is that ice cream maker mixing bowls have a layer of gel in them that require you to freeze that way the ice cream will mix in well with and change textures enough for it to be frozen.
This ball thing require ice and rock salt, which I don't know where to get rock salt and I'm afraid it might ruin the recipe same for the ice.

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  1. It works fine, just as long as you have rock salt.

    1. The rock salt/ice mixture serves the same purpose as the gel. Rock salt is available in most larger grocery stores. You might try making a batch ahead of time to see how you like the ice cream made in your ball.

      1. Like ipsedixit said, the ball will certainly work. My only issue with them is they make such small batches.

        You can actually achieve the same result by filling a quart sized zip top bag filled with your ice cream base then sealing it and placing that bag into a gallon sized zip top bag that has rock salt and ice in it. Keep it moving from hand to hand (use gloves or your hands will freeze) and in a matter of minutes you'll have some of the best textured ice cream you've ever had. Since there's no agitator, there is very little overrun (air) and, therefore, a super creamy texture.

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          It seems I own a Mega version of the ball thing which claims it can make up to a quart of ice cream, so I don't think I need to use the zip back method.

          1. re: UnrealCaker

            A quart? Wow. That's a lot for one of those balls. I didn't even know they made them that big.

        2. Ha! I've never heard of Blue Moon ice cream OR the plastic bag method of making ice cream
          Both look delightful!

          1. The rock salt and ice don't go INTO the ice cream, but surrounds it, to freeze it.
            You should be able to find rock salt with the rest of the salt at the grocery store.