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Feb 3, 2013 06:03 PM

Need advice -- am overwhelmed

My husband and I are looking for 4 great restaurants (good wine lists a bonus). Celebrating our son's 21st b'day one night, taking some of his work friends to dinner another night. Recommendations from others include Harvest Vine, Lark, Cafe Juanita. Also Zoe. Would love to go to Walrus & C. But concerned about the wait. We are staying downtown and will have a car. Would love some advice!

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  1. Cafe Juanita is high-end and would probably be appropriate for the celebratory occasion with your son. They will treat you very well (without feeling snooty) and their menu is stellar from top to bottom. You must get the braised rabbit if you get to visit.

    I've been to Zoe's latest incarnation and wasn't particularly wowed by the food. Harvest Vine underwhelmed during my last two visits... I think they've lost their magic ever since their original chef/owner left. Lark is casual and their dishes are shareable, but their menu is also more refined than HV. If you intend to have a relaxed dinner with the work colleagues, Lark would work. La BĂȘte is in the same vein of casual vibe and surprisingly elevated cuisine. If you mean to impress and wine-and-dine the work friends, I'd recommend Altura or Book Bindery.

    I don't know how early you're able to get to Walrus & C, but if you can get there during Happy Hour (4-6pm), the wait isn't so bad. A line does start to form even before the place opens. If you would rather have a proper sit-down dinner, consider their new sister restaurant The Whale Wins. Granted, the concept is different (not an oyster bar, dishes are more rustic, great use of their wood-fired oven), but nonetheless, every menu item is wonderful. I've covered their menu in two visits (with lots of help) and have enjoyed every bite.

    1. Rover's. Not only the best food in Seattle, but a great wine list
      John Howie Steak: Across the lake in Bellevue, fantastic wine pairings and top notch food
      Cafe Juanita is fantastic. Listen to those who recommend it
      The 4th one I would recommend would likely be Ten Mercer. It's not to much because the food is the 4th best in Seattle, but because it's an entirely appropro place to take a 21 year old and his work friends.

      A 5th option, if you're a member of the Private Club exchange, is the Columbia Tower Club located on the top floor of the Columbia Tower (the tallest building in the city). It's a private, members-only place, but the food is excellent and the views absolutely cannot be beat so long as the clouds aren't covering the windows. If you're a member of another club in the exchange, you can dine there, however. They have a special chef's table with a rotating menu based off what the chef finds at market that day. Conversely, if you know a member, they can get you up there. Heck, if you ask nicely, maybe I can do it :P.

      Another great spot that's often overlooked is Art of the Table. They have a weekend supper club that is excellent.

      1. Thanks, these are great suggestions. What about either Staple & Fancy or How to Cook a Wolf?

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          This thread's tilte applies to me as well. Wife and I are visiting Seattle for the first time in May [taking the Clipper from Victoria] staying at the Inn At The Market and am looking for spots to eat during the three days we'll be there.

          No car. Open to any food although wife does not particularly care for seafood...yes, yes I know, why go to the coast? Comforable casual style best appeals rather than shirt and tie. Money not a big isssue. Good wine a plus.

          Do not intend to hijack the OP's inquiry but this is a good source of general info.

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            Bob Mac - Considering that you won't have a car, here are some of my favorite casual/comfortable spots to recommend:

            -Matt's in the Market
            -Il Corvo (only open for lunch)
            -Le Pichet

            There are also countless stalls along Pike Place Market and the vicinity. Although these are merchants as opposed to sit-down restaurants.

            Capitol Hill (a short taxi or bus ride away):
            -Sitka & Spruce
            -La Bete
            -The Tin Table

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              Thank you gumption, akq and kaleokahu.

              I am developing quite the list.

              Much appreciated.

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              Marche (formerly Campagne) and Cafe Campagne are right out your front door (Marche shares a courtyard with the Inn) and are both great.

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                You might check out Branzino, Queen City Grill, Virginia Inn and The Innkeeper, too. All within easy walking distance from IATM.

              2. re: jilljewett

                Not a fan of Ethan Stowell's restaurants. I find the food to be mediocre and uninspired.

              3. I would go with:

                Sitka and Spruce
                Book Bindery
                Altura (or Canlis tasting menu)

                Space out spinasse from altura because both are Italianate. Could go to Walrus for an early happy hour on the 21st b-day, and then it's a shorter trip back to Book Bindery (both are in N. Seattle neighborhoods).

                Agree with others that your reccommendations for Harvest Vine, Cafe Juanita, etc. seem a little out of date. I like Zoe, personally, but have not been since the new location. Quinn's is commonly owned and may be a better place to bring the co-workers.

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                  I heartily agree with all of equinoise's rec's, and I think Quinn's would be the perfect venue for the co-workers.

                2. Check with Open Table and make a reservation at Cafe Juanita. Then, no wait! Or you can call them. My favorite restaurant.