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Feb 3, 2013 05:38 PM

Help! Need gluten free, dairy free take-out in Tallahassee

A friend is coming to visit this week and I thought I had our dinner figured out. I need to pick up something on my way home from work. No time to cook on this one... Tonight, I learned she has gone totally gluten and dairy free and eats very little red meat.

This needs to be something that can survive a 45 minute drive home and possibly wait for awhile longer before consumption.

Ideas? I am flummoxed. My idea of calzone/salad isn't gonna work.

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  1. Sounds like your best bet would be Asian cuisine, often based on rice and without dairy.

    Tan's is very good: skip the Chinese and go right to the Indonesian menu:


    The Indonesian fried rice is particularly good, but you'll want to specify how spicy you want it, and how "cooked" you want the egg. They have seafood and tofu options, too, as well as vegetarian selections.

    If she likes Indian cuisine, Curry Pot is also an option:

    Skip the naan, of course -- or hog it for yourself. (That's what I would do!). Ask beforehand whether a dish can be made without dairy, since Indian cuisine is loaded with it, from ghee to yogurt to paneer.

    Sushi rolls are another possibility as long as you check for dairy first. Several good sushi places (Sakura, Siam Sushi, Japonica) have amazing lunch specials -- just store 'em in the fridge at work and/or stash 'em in an ice chest.

    If you still have your heart set on Italian, Olive Garden has a gluten-free menu (but you'll have to ask about dairy):

    As for the drive home, use an ice chest or a cold bag. Dollar Tree might have cold bags in stock.

    Let us know how it goes!

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      Thanks, Chowbird! I forgot about CurryPot and it's a possibility. I'm going to send her the link to their menu.

      Or, I may decide to cook something <sigh, didn't wanna do that, though I love to cook for company>.

      Got the cooler covered... was more concerned with some foods that just don't hold well.

      This is so challenging, because it's a very good friend who is facing some serious health issues and is trying to follow doctor's orders. So, it's not somebody who just decided to go gluten/dairy free. And, today her doctor told her no grains. Basically, she is now on the paleo diet. Very challenging. She LOVES food (especially sushi). So, now she is on a chicken/fish and veg only diet. Nothing else. I can't imagine!

      I love my friend and want to offer her a nice meal in my home. I'll figure something.

    2. Hello again, Pam! It occurs to me that a fajita skillet would fill the bill. Last time I checked, Cody's Roadhouse on Capital Circle NE has 2-4-1 fajitas on Wednesdays. (Call first and make sure they still do!). Just ask for tortillas and dairy all on the side.

      Sometimes International House of Food has chicken fesenjan on the menu at lunch -- I don't know whether it's thickened with flour or not, but the main ingredients in most fesenjans are chickens, walnuts, onions, and pomegranate molasses. Ask for rice and salad on the side.

      Sakura has a KILLER lobster miso soup, but I don't know whether the miso they use would have grains. You'll have to ask.

      Some other ideas for home cooking:

      Beans -- split peas and lentils cook relatively quickly. Other types can be left in the crockpot (if you have one) overnight or all day if you work.

      Crab cakes (without filler). Best "chain" supermarket crabmeat is Phillips at the Winn-Dixies. If you're near Capital Circle and the Parkway, Capital Seafood (formerly Mike's Seafood) has Georgia-raised fresh tilapia *fillets* for $3.99 / lb and, of course, really fresh crabmeat. Also frozen alligator meat if you're feeling adventurous. :)

      Chicken/turkey meatballs. Harvey's has one-pound packages of Butterball ground turkey 2 for $5 through 2/12. Other variants are meatloaf or stuffed vegetables.

      Roasted chicken or fish. Hawaiian chicken (if she seriously can't have any grains whatsoever, you might have to seek out a wheat-free tamari soy sauce).

      Chicken or turkey chili.


      Crustless quiche or omelets

      Ideas for sides:

      Green beans amandine.
      Sauteed onions & mushrooms
      Taters -- white or sweet
      Indian-style cauliflower
      Candied carrots
      Spinach salad
      Waldorf salad (2-4-1 Crunch Pak apples @ Publix through Wednesday)
      Boiled greens or cabbage (use Liquid Smoke or smoked turkey parts instead of ham or pork)


      Baked apples (no butter)
      Jello with fruit

      And I don't think quinoa is medically classified as a grain, but I've never tried it. Another option might be shiratake (sp?) noodles, made from a kind of yam (New Seoul Market on Tennessee usually carries them, but, frankly, I didn't care for them. I should also warn you that the liquid they're stored in really stinks - this is normal; you should rinse them well (and cut them in half) before cooking). Cellophane noodles also might work (check ingredient list of course, to make sure the ingredients are mung beans and water, no flour or other grains).

      Best of luck with it!

      If you need to thicken a sauce, you can try mashed potato flakes (yuck), eggs (tricky), pureed veggies, or guar gum (Vitamin Shoppe on the Parkway carries it, but when I tried it I didn't like the texture).

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      1. re: Chowbird

        Thanks so much for the ideas!
        I decided to make Sofrito Chicken (from and serve with cilantro/lime cauliflower on the side and an avocado/grapefruit salad. I really wanted to do some sort of take-out, but in the end, this just seems easier. I've made this recipe before and it's always well-received. I'll just use some of my homemade chicken stock in place of the beer to keep it gluten free.

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