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Feb 3, 2013 04:02 PM

Help, need a rec for Chinese party trays for 100 people,near San Mato, the city or Mountain View.

Well our Chinese new year party list got out of hand and what we thought might be 40 people is turning close to 100. Need a place to buy trays of Chinese noodles and some other entrees for 100 people. Am in San Mateo, but willing to drive down to Mountain View or up to Sunset if it is worth it. Would like it to be economical but good Tried Cheung Hing in the Sunset but they are closed this Sunday for the new year. Was going to try Tai Wu in Daly City, think Cooking Papas might be out a bit more pricier... any recs please?? Thanks

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  1. What about Cheung Hing in Millbrae?

    1. Cheung Hing in Millbrae is better. But in case it is also closed, I'll mention that Tai Wu has a small casual place, Mr Fong's in the same shopping center that's a roast meat and noodle place. It's probably a good bet for catering trays. More info here,

      1. Cooking Papa catering menu (Foster City)for reference

        You can try calling the nearby San Mateo Chinese/Cantonese restaurants as well for pricing, like Silver Lake, Silver House, or even Sun's Chinese Cuisine (San Mateo), or Hot Wok Cafe in Marina Supermarket complex.

        1. Thank you for the recs, will check out cheung hing and the San Mato recs. ]