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Feb 3, 2013 02:59 PM

Any updates on St Lucia since last summer?

Looking for more recent reccs on good places the locals frequent or have good food without pretension. We'll be in Soufriere, Castries, the north and on the windward side during February, so anywhere is appropriate. Thanks! Will report back

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  1. Between Castries and Rodney Bay, on the Castries-Gros Islet Hwy, just past the turn for Trouya Road is a Trinidadian Roti joint. I have not been yet, but the staff at our resort recommends it. I believe it's on the left side as you head towards Rodney Bay. It's on my list for our September visit!
    In Castries, there's an open air restuarant run by Chef J just at the end of the central market. Also on my list for September.
    Our tried and true local favorite is Laurel's on Trouya Road. Everything there is good, but her pumpkin soup is wonderful, as are her breadfruit balls.

    1. Jujuthomas: this was just the sort of thing I was looking for. Many thanks

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        there's also an alley behind the central market with stalls that
        serve to the locals.

        Enjoy your visit, the food is wonderful. lots of fish, goat, plaintain, breadfruit. make sure you get a Roti somewhere - it's kind of a curry stew wrapped in a flat bread.

        I also usually purchase some Jamaican patties from the deli case of the Super J grocery store. good news - very few chains - so you have lots of opportunities for local cuisine. :)

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          In St Lucia now. In the food desert of Soufriere (otherwise a nice little town) we discovered Orlando's, a stunning small restaurant with local organic produce combined in inventive ways, and good (non local) wines. Main courses are very small, but a 6 course tasting menu for 45 U.S. dollars included pumkin and basil oil bisque, fresh jump-in-your-mouth salsa on a piece of fried breadfruit, a glass of shiraz, a salad where every leaf was interesting and a cinnamon crumble with home made ice cream. The next day I ran into the chef, Orlando, carefully shopping at the farmer's market. The place is on the way to The Hummingbird Inn, (which is not worth visiting). Orlando's is exceptional, and I hope it is not too modern for St Lucia. Oh, and service and decor are both charming.

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            that sounds lovely! We've never ventured down to Soufriere to eat, the trip is a bit too much from where we stay.

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              Update on St Lucia-- Rodney Bay area:

              Surprisingly the best meal we have had was at Tapas on the Bay, a small waterfront place behind Big Chef. The biggest thing was that the food was mostly freshly cooked to order and well seasoned: tuna carpaccio, spinach with raisins and nuts, meatballs albondigas etc. The one exception was the garlic wings, cooked an age ago. So much of the local food is cooked several hours before, and kept barely warm to toughen before serving.

              This was unfortunately true at Flavours on The Grill, a friendly place at the Gros Islet Fish Fry.

              However Jambe Des Bois on Pigeon Island cooks to order, and makes simple flavorful food in a pastoral setting in the woods by the shore: fish cakes, sandwiches, rotis, grilled tuna. If you are lucky the fruit boat will come by and the vendor will crack open a fresh coconut for you to sup from, or sell you one of the small and intense mangoes he has. The restaurant also has banana crumble, with those intense St Lucian bananas.

              I'll try to go to JJ's in Castries on the way to the airport tomorrow.

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              I believe the comment which refers to Humming Bird is an unfair one. They serve different cuisines and as such expectations would differ. I recently had lunch at both restaurants and was satisfied. I would recommend both restaurants. Neither is Orlando the only good restaurant on the island.