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Feb 3, 2013 02:07 PM

Mauviel Cooper Cookware vs Ruffoni Copper Cookware

Hello everyone, I'm back, the last time I was here I was asking for advice on which cookware to purchase, All Clad or Demeyere. I purchased a few items of All Clad's copper core cookware and a lot of Demeyere. Thanks a lot for the feedback.

I am now looking for a copper double-boiler. A large one. Which brand do you all prefer? Ruffoni or Mauviel? I love Mauviel and that's the brand that I know, I am not familiar with Ruffoni. I've heard that "some of the Mauviel double boilers leak and has had to be re-tinned, and Mauviel has a very poor track record of standing behind its product." I find that surprising since they have been in business for so long!!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!!

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  1. I did not know Ruffoni made a double boiler, but as between the Ruffoni products I have seen and Mauviel specialty products (as opposed to their very heavy stuff with Iron handles) they seem comparable in heft and both seem to use brass handles, which are not my favorite. When you get to more mainstream pieces like sauté pans, I prefer Mauviel and find Ruffoni lighter weight, very pricey, and having cute but nonfunctional things like knobs made to look like acorns.

    1. I have a Mauviel double boiler. I don't use it a lot but have not had any issue with it when I do.

      1. Hi, talee:

        If you're after a bain marie, why copper? I have one (a vintage Waldow, about $20 on eBay), and I'm relieved I didn't buy a $$$ Mauviel. I can't see how copper would be significantly beneficial.

        And how large? Matfer-Bourgeat makes $ single bain maries in up to 5Q, but they are just the inner pot--you must immerse them in an outer pan.

        If you are deadset on a large copper one, I would contact They have all the tooling for the larger restaruant/hotel bain maries that Waldow did very well--there was one famous *rotary* one with I believe 3 or 5 separate wells.

        If you want to comparison shop, you might like


        1. If you want the best one buy an all glass pyrex. You might have to find it on ebay. You can see the water level at all times. I have had one for many years