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Feb 3, 2013 01:50 PM

Cyprus Advice

Will have the pleasure of visiting Cyprus this month. Any insider info on not-to-miss tavernas, street food, markets, seafood? Prefer honest, humble, rustic, local.

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  1. You might like:

    St George at Agios Georgios. Basic meat & fish grills, etc. Great location overlooking the sea.

    Seven St Georges, Yeroskipou - gets all the tourist mentions for best mezze in the Paphos area. And rightly so.

    Mezodopolian, Yerosskipou - much more of a locals place for a mezze. Good food although not as creative as "Seven"

    Viklari - the Last Castle. Google it. Fairly difficult drive to get to it - along a track near to the beach then up a hillside. There's no menu as such. Choice between BBQ'd chicken or pork with p;otato and salad. You'll need to make a reservation - only open at lunch (you really wouldnt want to drive this in the dark) and it gets packed. I just love it....fortunately, the Cypriots drive on the proper side of the road.

    The small market at Paphos town is worth a visit to see what's seasonal.

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    1. re: Harters

      Thanks Harters, I will try to check out your recommendations when I am in Cyprus in a few weeks.

      1. re: lecker

        We were back in Cyprus a few weeks ago. Had dinner st Seven St Georges - now run by the younger generation but still absolutely excellent mezze. My review on a local foody board here -

        1. re: Harters

          Thanks Harters-I was wondering if the restaurants you mentioned were still valid, as your response was over three years ago. Glad to know that the Seven St George is still there. Off topic, but did you rent a car to get to all the restaurants or did you take public transport?

          1. re: lecker

            We've usually hired a car so we can go off touristing. The most recent trip was just for a week and we stayed in a hotel in the centre of Kato Paphos, so didnt need to drive. Got a taxi to 7 St Georges - I think it was €10 each way. All the other restaurants on this trip were walking distance.

            1. re: Harters

              Thanks Harters. After seeing your answer, I googled a bit more about Cyprus and realized that hiring a car or a moped will give us more freedom to explore than trying to jump onto public transport.

    2. Assume you're staying on the Greek side? Any specific area? We found it very touristy, and had a hard time finding much authentic food. We had a car and did a few day trips. There are some great things to see (for us the far western part was most interesting) and I hope you have better luck with food than we did.

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      1. re: LulusMom

        Hi LulusMom, yes you assumed right; we're staying on the Greek side. Most people I spoke with seemed to recommend that. We're staying in Aphrodite Hills which, according to Google maps, is south of Paphos. Where did you stay?

        1. re: lecker

          Paphos is the town we liked the most. We stayed in a *very* touristy part (the choice wasn't ours - we were at a conference) to the east of Limassol. But even in Limassol we had a hard time finding anything that didn't scream 'Tourist trap'! I think you'll have better luck based on where you're staying.

          1. re: lecker

            Aphrodite Hills is a pretty much self-contained holiday complex. It's about 15km south east of the main Paphos area - so a bit out of the way of things. You've certainly made a good call to hire a car.

            1. re: Harters

              Well, since this trip is a 'working' holiday, I am not sure how many meals we will have to explore outside the complex. I am keen to explore the Turkish side so having a car seems to be a must. I do hope we find a few local eats that are memorable.