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Feb 3, 2013 01:29 PM

Chinese resto recommendations for pescetarian and a (gluten free but otherwise) omnivore?

It sounds ridiculous, right? A Seattle food-driven couple: one doesn't eat any non-seafood meat and the other can't do most dairy and avoids glutenous food. The latter is Chinese-Canadian and fantasizes about the dishes made by family members back home. We're heading to Vancouver/Richmond soon and are seeking suggestions. We're not particular about regional specificty given our 'high maintenance' desires. Dim sum would be ideal for both but the tantalizing wheatastic-dumplings make an upset belly. Any ideas?

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  1. I think it is possible but risky if you are celiac. (Soy sauce, etc). If soya is OK, then go to a seafood restaurant and order seafood, rice noodles, etc. Sea Harbour (for dinner), Golden Paramount and a few others come to mind.

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      Gluten free soy sauce is available. I gave a bottle to our favorite Sichuan chef prior to the dinner he prepared for a group that had 3-4 people who were gluten free.

    2. My brother has celiac and for the most part avoids Chinese. However, we recenlty ate at the Chilli Pepper House on Kingsway, and they did an excellent job at accommodating to his allergy. They triple checked with us and the chef that everything was ok, and there was no gluten in the food. They prepared side orders of everything else without soy, gluten etc
      Good vegetarian menu as well. It's indo-Chinese food if that's something you would be interested in.

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        Were there soy sauce, oyster sauce, soybean paste, etc ? Many brands of these condiments & sauces contain gluten, but there are also ones that don't (Google celiac sites for details).

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          They ensured us none of these products were in te dishes. We're pretty specific when ordering due to that reason. (especially chinese). As well as any language issues and anything being contaminated. It's always a bit of a gamble.
          He usually travels with gluten free condiments !
          As far as I know he felt fine the next day as he is sensitive to any gluten at all. We haven't been back since, but it worked out well that one time.

      2. Thanks everybody - these are helpful suggestions. Just to note we can do some gluten (in the form of soy sauce) but need to avoid dumplings and the like. While the wheat in the soy et al can cause discomfort it's not a full-blown celiac condition.