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Feb 3, 2013 11:44 AM

Tonight… help me pick :)

Hey forum… So it's my last 2 days in NYC. I'm thinking either Kajitsu or Gwynette St. More generally, something mellow but nice. Suggestions appreciated.

Also thinking about tomorrow night, maybe the Salon at Per Se. Or the Vault menu at wd~50, I've never eaten there. Open to any and all clever and unusual ideas. <insert smilie>

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  1. (edit: Just realized Gwynnett St belongs under Outer Boroughs.)

    If I were to choose between Gwynnett St and wd~50, which should it be?

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    1. re: calf

      i'd go WD-50. gwynnett st. is excellent, but the experience can be replicated in a lot of places. i think dufresne's place is in a real groove right now, balancing the 'unique' and the delicious perfectly.