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Feb 3, 2013 11:36 AM

Small 40th B-day celebration with private nooks. Any suggestions?

My husband is turning 40 and I'd like to host a dinner for 6 adults/4 young kids in the Boston/Cambridge/north area (we live in Melrose). I would love a restaurant with some sort of nook where we could have some privacy but not totally separate from the restaurant? But nothing too fancy. Is this too tall a order??

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  1. We had a similar dinner at Mamma Maria in the N. End - a private room for 5 adults and 3 young kids - it was perfect. And no charge for the room...

    1. Would adjoining tables/ booths work for you?

      1. Tremont 647 has a nice room for this kind of thing. I think I've been there for both a brunch and dinner celebration, though years ago. Nice food, festive atmosphere, not so "fancy" that kids would be an issue.

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          Generally really like Tremont 647, but they did a terrible job serving my family when we booked that room. The staff was unnattentive and ignored us for portions of our meal. The kitchen also served our brunch in waves, which made our kids crazy watching the adults eating while they waited.

          Recommend it for 2, but not 10.

          1. re: Foodie_BBQ

            Oh, no! That's good to know.

            There are a few places around town that people often suggest for families that I've had a dreadful time at, for ex. Picco, Vinny's at Night.

            Not that it's impossible to have a good experience at those places, just that it's inconsistent, and it's easier to salvage an outing when it's just adults.

        2. West Bridge has a room in the back that would be a perfect size. It opens to the rest the restaurant on one side (with french doors), but has walls on the other three sides.

          1. It's a bit of a drive. Tuscan Kitchen in Salem,NH. The food is well worth the drive. Everything is homemade.