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Feb 3, 2013 11:04 AM

The New Goat Hollow in Mit. Airy

Has anyone eaten there yet? We went there opening night but the wait was too long, so only got drinks.

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  1. my wife went there and liked it. i've only been for drinks. some friends went last week and had a rough time w/the service, but it *seems* like they're ironing things out. Seriously, though, if they continue having trouble with the service i might go help for free. it's like a block from my house and i'm SO glad it's back!

    1. Bob,

      A friend of mine has now been 3 times, and as recently as Friday. She said that it still wasn't sorted out. The food isn't that great, nor is the service. And the prices are higher than McMennimans or Campbells Place. I so hope they are going to be good, but I am going to wait.

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      1. re: asmith

        I also have fond memories of GH. But really aren't the only things they have in common the name and location? Different owners, right?

        1. re: JanR

          Hi Jan,

          I agree. My husband loved the catfish gumbo and was actually thinking he might get some here.

      2. Yes, everything new except the name.

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        1. re: asmith

          IMO, it's a mistake to try and re-open something with just the orignal name, and every other aspect changed. They will never be able to get away from people comparing it to the 'old' Goat Hollow escpecially if the food and service are not good.

          1. re: 94Bravo

            Hear, hear! Families or institutions that sell their name are doing a disservice to all. What immediatly comes to mind are Rizzo's in Glenside and Otto's up on 611. Both were family run for decades and, after the family retired and sold the name with the estabilshment, have left a wake of disappointment. Thanks for the heads up that its just a name - for now.

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              Don't know Rizzo's; however quite right on Otto's!

        2. I've been twice and wasn't not impressed by the food either time. They need to figure out their reservation system. I've had two sets of friends make reservations that weren't honored upon their timely arrival. I hope these problems smooth out -- GH could be a great addition to the 'hood.

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          1. re: hungry100

            i'm kind of torn about how good i want it to be. i want it to succeed, but not to the point that i can't go sit at the bar on a weekday.

          2. Was really looking forward to Goat Hollow reopening, the food I had there last week was not good and any restaurant that offers mussels with cheese curds (in one dish) should be spanked. Porkbelly dumplings were tasteless, lyonnaise salad had a fried instead of a poached egg and unexceptional lardons (which for $11 is unacceptable.) The frites seem to be those coated fries diners use only thin cut.I was expecting the best fries with moules frites especially since the chef was famous for them at Monks. The Mt Airy Restaurant Curse prevails!!!!!