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ethnic markets in N. SD county

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know of any good asian mid east mex etc?

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  1. Hi alex,

    Try this link, I don't know if it will help you, I haven't visited any of the north county farmers markets, but I would really like to know what you think.

    Link: http://www.sdfarmbureau.org/Pages/far...

    1. How about North Park Produce in Poway (12342 Poway Rd)?

      1. Tip Top Meats off the 5 in Carlsbad area at Palomar Airport Road is great. It is a German Deli with a restaurant in the back as well.

        1. any mexican markets in poway? i need some sazon.

          1. There are several Indian food markets in little India on Black Mountain road (off Miramar Road).

            Lucky Seafood in Mira Mesa (on MM blvd)

            Kabul Market in Kearny Mesa (on Convoy)

            1. For Mexican there's El Torito Market (Hwy-101 in Leucadia) and Pico de Gallo (I-5 @ Santa Fe, NE corner). El Nopalito will also eventually reopen in this same corner, but is currently running minimal operations from within it's similarly-named restaurant due to a slow recovery from a fire...

              For Italian there's Tuscan Sun as well as Russo's Pasta, but none of these compare to the larger deli's of Little Italy (Mona Lisa and Filippi's). (A Filippi's will be opening in Encinitas soon, but I don't know whether or not they'll have a market/deli...)

              1. There's a middle-eastern sounding market (name escapes me) in San Marcos, on Rancho Santa Fe Road, north of San Marcos Blvd. I've been meaning to stop in, but haven't made it yet. Is anyone familar with it?

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                  I think this is the Indian Bahrat Bazzar Leucadian. Whereve you been btw?!

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                    Hi Kare_raisu. No, this is Persepolis International Market, 327 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd. (760) 761-0555. Persepolis would imply Iranian, I think. I don't know anything about it, except it's listed under grocery stores. Bharat Bazaar is on San Marcos Blvd, and I am a frequent visitor there. According to an Indian friend, Bharat is another name for India, in Sanskrit or Hindi; I forgot to ask which. I once got some vark, edible silver leaf, from the owner; I think it was her personal stash, but she graciously sold me some for a pilaf.

                    As to my whereabouts, I've been lurking, and absorbing some bread books that I bought, as well as the Mexican cookbooks from El Ritmo. Bread math, autolyse, tomate/jitomate/tomatillo/tomato, tamale/pupusa/quesadilla, I don't know, it's all related somehow.

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                      I need to check this place out. Which of the regional books did you buy? I noticed Aguascalientes, Taxalaca, Zacatecas is still there.

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                        Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Jalisco, and Zacatecas. I have an extra Jalisco that I bought by mistake. The clerk said they'd be getting more in about now.

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                          Have you cooked from them yet? I am interested in the food of Zacatecas because the Panaderia lady from the Fallbrook El Tigre is from there and loves to talk about her home state. Cool Music too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banda_Jerez

                          Does the Jalisco have a Birria or Posole recipe?

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                            Birria no, pozole yes. The pozole recipe in the Jalisco book has 250g each of cabeza, retazo matizo, y espinazo de puerco (head, shoulder, cartilage??) along with 2 patitas (trotters?) Then 250g maiz cacahuazintle (hominy). My translations are for the most part just guesses on my part, because I'm too lazy to look them up right now.

                            Birria is not in the table of contents of any of the books, but it is mentioned in the Jalisco glossary, however, so maybe it's buried in some other recipe, and I just haven't found it.

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                        I stopped by at Persepolis Market this morning. Iranian family, they plan on opening a restaurant next door sometime in April maybe. A very nice lady let me in early, as she was opening up, and I browsed around, finally settling on some rose flavored pistachio nougat candy and some very yellow sugar cookies with raisins to take to adventurous co-workers. Good assortment of middle eastern food stuffs. Four bins of bulk melon and squash seeds, among other things. Some enameled coffee pots with the wide base and the long handle. I asked if she was familiar with 'basturma' (sp), an Armenian dried beef, and she ran in back and brought back three sealed bags: one with a large piece, way to much for me; another thinly sliced about 300g; and a third thinly sliced like the second, but with a layer of fat along one side. She said her Persian customers didn't buy it, but she had requests from others, so she carries it.

                        Lots of packaged pastries from Southern California sources, including lavash (flat bread?); and cheeses I've never heard of, and frozen pastry dough.

                        It's definitely worth a visit.

                  2. I don't know about the coast, but here's a list for Escondido:
                    El Tigre on Escondido and Washington is large but crowded; they do occasionally get hard-to-find fruits and vegetables (mamey comes to mind). They have a taco stand and sell prepared meats and salsas -- nothing special.
                    Mi Pueblo on East Valley Parkway always carries quince paste (and other flavors). They have a hot food station, but I've only ordered champurrado there.
                    Baja Foods on 9th and Quince is getting better; they're cheap and sometimes carry good regional packaged ingredients. Their taco shop is refurbished and excellent.
                    There are many others, but these are the ones I frequent.

                    Chai on East Valley Parkway (next to Jo Ann Fabrics) is my favorite. The owner is Thai, and her tiny shop is packed with more products than you can believe. She can't carry much produce (though she almost always has kaffir lime leaves), but her selection of products from every Asian nation except Korea is outstanding. Lots of Indonesian ingredients. She's also fun to visit with.
                    Escondido Oriental Market (formerly Esco Lao Market) on Mission just west of Broadway: better selection of fresh produce; some prepared and baked foods brought in. They also rent videos.
                    Neither of these can compete with Lucky Foods or 99 Ranch, but they are certainly less of a hassle to visit.

                    Persian and Eastern European:
                    Cedars Market on Escondido Blvd. near 9th Avenue. I love this store! It's tiny, but crammed with products. The produce is hit-or-miss. The dairy and meats case is impressive for such a small place. It's going to take me years to try all the cheeses! It's obviously not as big as the place in Poway, but it's more convenient for me, and I like supporting the family.

                    Alas, our little Indian market closed. Now I have to trek to Mira Mesa, although there is a small store in San Marcos (and probably another or two).

                    For European products (except Eastern European -- see Cedars Market): Check out Major Market on Felicita (17th Ave.) and Centre City. It looks like a typical grocery store, but they carry all sorts of gourmet, imported, and unique domestic products.

                    Anyone know of Indian groceries in San Marcos or Vista?

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                      There is an Indian grocer called Bahrat Bazzar owned by the India Princess Ppl On SM Blvd, in the strip mall in front of Frys. It shares this strip mall with a little japanese owned restaurant I have been meaning to try called Boo and Mee cafe. Across the way is a fillipino market.

                      I made it today to Cedars market....I didnt realize it was that place right next to Tamales Arinca! Picked up some nice Lebanese products. Great Reccomendation Thank you!

                      PS I was actually the OP of this thread....interesting how it resurfaced.

                      PS What do you order at Baja Foods Tacos Alex? The birria looks delicious but I think it is de Res. I am only put off by the smell in that super market - its pretty strong.

                      Ive been intrigued by the popular 75 cent tacos served across the street at the 5 star market -- always busy!

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                        Bharat's Bazaar (Indian) on San Marcos Blvd. has some fresh groceries, plus lots of packaged Shan spices, bulk lentils and spices, packaged snacks, and frozen goods. Also music and trinkets.

                        Maestra, was the Indian market that closed the one on E Valley Parkway?

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                          Was the Indian market the one on E. Valley Parkway?

                        2. Laloush International has middle eastern, Mexican, Indian, Persian, Euroupean and pretty much any nationality, A verity of grocery's, cheap produce and good meat!

                          12845 Poway Road
                          Poway CA 92064