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Feb 3, 2013 09:42 AM

Dinner rec to take visiting Korean grad students?

Looking for an affordable ($15 or under entree) place to take 5-8 people for dinner, including 4 visiting grad students from Korea. Ideally we'd like a place with good beer where we can order family style, and a lively but not crazy loud atmosphere.

It should also be walking distance from a Green line metro stop in NW DC.

As far as cuisines: We really have no idea what the students would like, so should probably play it safe. Don't want to do Ethiopian, and we have at least one vegetarian to take care of. Korean could be an option, but only if it's excellent (and I can't think of any on the green line...) My thought was good pizza since it's easily shareable and usually has decent beer options. We ruled out Pete's (too small) and Red Rocks (closer to what we're looking for but also too cramped-feeling).

Thanks much for any suggestions.

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  1. How about Matchbox?

    You could take the Green Line to the Chinatown metro stop.

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      1. re: ineemeeny

        What are the volume levels like at Matchbox during the week? Will we have to shout or is it reasonably okay?

        Thanks for the suggestions all! Any others welcome!

        1. re: caerphilly

          I think of the noise level as lively. It's not loud where you can't hear yourself talk but if your groups likes to be a it rambunctious they won't stick out like a sour thumb.

      2. re: ipsedixit

        You could also go to the new Matchbox at 14th and T, near U Street metro. They take reservations. It might have more spacious seating options.

        Also in that neighborhood, Busboys and Poets could be a good option.

        Carmine's in Chinatown is family-style.

        1. re: hamster

          +1 Carmines
          but avoid cheesey dishes

          How Americanized are these grad students?
          And "they've been here 4 years" isn't a reliable answer.
          In 10+ years with Asian International students, I've encountered [dealt with] many Koreans who have never had food that either wasn't homemade or Korean-style clones of McD and KFC.

          You might be better served with a good beer place that has great wings, although then noise is Really an issue.

      3. District of Pi is close to Gallery Place Metro and has a good beer selection.