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Pressure canner questions

lori925 Feb 3, 2013 09:07 AM

I am looking to purchase my first pressure canner. I want a good one but have questions about which are the best. All-American seems to have really good reviews but I see that they are aluminumn. I've been told that you can pressure cook in a pressure canner but I don't want to cook anything in aluminumn. Also, I don't want something made in China. Suggestions?

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    GH1618 Feb 3, 2013 10:36 AM

    On the other hand, Fagor pressure cookers are stainless steel, and some models seem to be made in Spain (others in China). The largest is ten quarts, and it holds only four jars (pints or quarts) for canning.

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      rasputina Feb 3, 2013 02:46 PM

      At one point I really wanted an All-American. Yes they get great reviews. But IMO the metal on metal and no gasket to fail features are over emphasized. They still have a rubber over pressure plug which All American says should be replaced yearly.

      I decided to start off with a Presto 23 quart because I wasn't sure how much I'd use it. Now I don't even want the All American.

      Maybe it's because I had a pressure cooker for 20 years before I bought the pressure canner but I'm fine with the gasket and prefer the twist to open over the multiple screw down lid that you have to tighten evenly as you go. Basically it's a question of needing a gasket replaced vs needing to replaced stripped screws. I've read the manual for the All American and I'm sticking with my Presto.

    2. g
      GH1618 Feb 3, 2013 09:42 AM

      Aluminum is the best material for a pressure canner, and that is what the best American-made canners are made of. I suggest you get over your fear of aluminum. Besides, using a canner merely for pressure cannong is not exactly "cooking in it," because the food is in sealed glass jars.

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