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Feb 3, 2013 08:41 AM

Best way to freeze leftover lump crab cakes?

SO made a big batch of lump crab cakes and there are a few leftover so we thought we'd freeze them. I haven't done it before but thought it would probably be fine and work fairly well but not sure. Any tips?

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  1. You have leftover crab cakes? That's like having leftover wine. LOL!!

    1. Eat them! don't freeze.

      1. I put squares of parchment paper between the cakes and then stack them in a plastic container. That way I can pull out just one for lunch or a first course on a bed of salad greens dressed with olive oil, mayonnaise and lemon--zest and juice.

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          Do you freeze them uncooked or cooked?

        2. Already cooked? Or all but the REQUIRED (per my grandmother) shallow fry in bacon grease?

          I have a second-hand Foodsaver... found at a yard sale a few years ago and still going strong. I'd freeze on a plate and then vac seal. That way, a short swim in the vac bag in room temp water and ready to cook and EAT!

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          1. While I rarely have leftover crab cakes, the few times I've frozen them I COOK them first, then freeze them flat on parchment or wax paper on a flat-surface dish, then layer them - separated by the same paper - in plastic bags.

            Then when I want them - usually in a short period of time - I just defrost them in the microwave & give them a quick saute in a buttered skillet.

            Freezing them uncooked will have them falling apart when you thaw them, unless you make them with an unusually large amount of breading.