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Feb 3, 2013 07:21 AM

story. - Prairie Village, KS

Had a wonderful dinner at story. in Prairie Village last night. My fiance had the sturgeon with roasted cauliflower and pancetta. The sauce served with the dish was amazing. I had the arctic char with wild rice and roasted brussel sprouts. Neither dish sounded like it would really work but the ingredients really enhanced each other. Very friendly and accomodating front-of-the-house and unpretentious service. Cannot wait to go back.

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  1. I love that place. We were traveling through KC this summer and hit their happy hour. You can sit on the patio and the bar menu is half price. We had a hamburger and fried chicken, both delicious. We are looking forward to going for the regular dinner menu next time through. Everything was just perfect.

    1. I'll be in KC next week. I've looked at menus from dozens of restaurants on their websites to help me decide where to go, and one that really jumped out at me - one that sounded amazingly delicious - was Story. So that's where I'm having one of my dinners.

      I have a question for KC locals. On a weekday, I'll be eating an early dinner at Story (they open at 5:00), and then hopefully leaving there around 6:30 to catch a ballgame at Kauffman Stadium. To get from the restaurant to the ballpark, am I better off taking Gregory Blvd east to I-435 north, or taking Roe Ave north to I-35 and I-70? Google Maps shows both routes taking 24 minutes. TIA!

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        Take Roe. The Gregory route is in an area of town many consider to be unsafe.

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          Thank you.

          My dinner at Story was truly amazing, with one incredibly delicious dish after another after another. I posted a detailed report on it at

          I had excellent food throughout my visit, but this was the dinner I will remember for a long, long time. I LOVE STORY!!!