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Feb 3, 2013 05:16 AM

Sichuan Chef N Chelmsford

We tried Sichuan Chef in N Chelmsford again last night. (had only tried it once before , back a few years ago) Glad we did, we had a nice meal. We got a spicy diced chicken dish, this one had the most hot stars on the menu. Nice that it was not battered, nice flavors. We also got a spicy bean noodle dish which were the clear bean type noodles with hot oil and diced waterchestnuts and ground pork. Lastly we got a beef noodle soup which had a spicy five spice broth, chewy noodles that looked hand cut possibly, bok choy, fatty beef. The service was very fast and attentive. The owner is extremely friendly and came to our table several times. This stuff was all off the "chinese menu" which you have to ask for. It is a single sheet with english on one side and chinese on the other. The place was pretty busy and many takeout orders and tiki drinks were being sold. Most seemed to be ordering crab rangoon, general gaus, i think we were the only ones ordering off the Chinese menu. Happy to add a new place into the rotation

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  1. Great food there, I still contest they have some of the best peking raviolis to be had anywhere.

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      Gyoza, dumplings are a favorite of mine. I'm going to check it out. Thanks :)

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        Hit them at lunch, they're part of the buffet for $7.95 I think, eat as many as you want. Although you the rest of the buffet is pretty basic. Just your regular recipe but fresh and so much better than those generic ones that everyone else carries.

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          They dont have the buffet anymore. Not sure if its permanent or what but there was a sign saying something about it and the buffet itself was now a waiter station

    2. I'm glad you had a better experience this time. I've posted a few times about this place, and no one ever agreed with me. The Chinese menu is full of Taiwanese specialties. The owners also run JoJo Taipei in Allston, and they told me that they can make anything that's on the JJT menu. Usually, they offer special dishes during Chinese New Year.

      BTW, if people are looking for it online, it's actually spelled Szechuan Chef.

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        I can believe it, they both have the same annoying website!

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            Yea i noticed later they have two websites!

            1. re: hargau

              I wish Wayne would upgrade that website and include the full Taiwanese menu. I don't even think they have take-home versions of that menu.

              1. re: Dinsdale45

                I dont think so either, we grabbed the normal take home one and its not on there.

      2. I though they had a Taiwanese menu in addition the the special Chinese but I haven't been there for dinner. Wayne is great and will cook anything you ask for. Almost anything from the menu(s) can be ordered at lunch for lunch prices. He will also host a special New Year's dinner either next Sunday or the Sunday after. You sign up, he cooks, you eat what he serves. We used to do that for lunch on a weekly basis when I worked in Nashua and it was great.


        1. Does anyone know if they serve Soup Dumplings? I do not see them on the menu.

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            I did not see them but we get them all the time at Asia Gourmet in Concord.

          2. I went back there today for some lunch and the lunch buffet is on hold for now. There is only one special menu and a lot of what is there is also in the Chinese dishes section of the regular menu. I had the Spicy Chili Chicken from the Chinese Menu where it has three stars but on the Chinese dishes menu it only has one star but despite that it was very good but I would put the spicing at two stars. The good and exciting thing is that now you can order almost everything off either menu as small dishes at lunchtime for lunchtime prices! Good chance to try special dishes at reduced prices.
            He will aslo do a special Chinese new years dinner on Feb 17 and Feb 24. If interested you need to call and reserve a seat, one seating only and you eat what the kitchen cooks.


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            1. re: Ferrari328

              This is the dish we got last weekend. We really liked it. We especially liked that the bits were not battered.

              1. re: hargau

                Do you know any details on the New Years feast? Cost? Number of people you need for your table? Lunch time or dinner? I notice this on their site

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                  This is served family style, no ordering, everyone is sharing the tables, it's at dinnertime, I don't have the starting time. Cost, I haven't been for a number of years but it's not very expensive at all.


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                    Yea i understood the no ordering part but i pictured they would be serving certain size of each dish to each party/family/table of 6-10 people or something. I figured you would need a minimum size party for your table to share the dishes... and that you couldnt just go with 1-2 people...

                    So what you are saying it is served family style amongst the entire restaurant?? That sounds odd to me and the germaphobe in me says unsanitary too. I see all too often people using the chopsticks they eat with to serve themselves food, im ok when its my family/friends but not so much with strangers..

                    Also have witnessed how people cherry pick/hoard dishes such as lobster etc at buffets, i cant imagine family style in an entire restaurant.

                    Surely this isnt how it works!?

                    1. re: hargau

                      We went there last year during CNY, and there were special dishes, but we ate at our own table, and ordered items from the regular menu (for the kids). Maybe they do it differently if you have kids, but I didn't see anything that looked like family-style dining.

                      1. re: Dinsdale45

                        I posted a link in a post above of the special CNY menu dishes.

                      2. re: hargau

                        I wouldn't say the whole restaurant since he only has so many round tables and I think the seating is limited, that's why you have to register beforehand. Far as I remeber each table get dishes to share.
                        Disndale, this is a special dinner, done on two Sundays only.


                        1. re: Ferrari328

                          Well i dont want to slam the place so i wont get into details but after a visit this weekend, we wont be going back....shame...

                          I did overhear the owner talking about the NY banquet on those 2 dates and from what i heard it sounded like an invitation only sorta of thing with open bar, etc.. he called it a "party".. I heard him say that it was only supposed to be 1 date but one important family couldn't make it so he was adding a 2nd one for them.