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Feb 3, 2013 04:20 AM

Deuxave, anyone been lately?

I'm thinking of bringing a small group to Deuxave. I'm especially intrigued by the 9-hour French Onion Soup.

Anyone been lately, how was your experience? Thoughts on dishes?

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  1. we haven't been for about two months, but we've liked it each time we've gone, and liked the service and the room as well as the food. My husband and I shared the lobster gnocchi and liked it and he loved the lamb dish he had and I loved the crispy black bass. neither of us got to desert though! let us know what you think if you go and what you try.

    1. The onion soup is excellent, but don't mistake the mistake of planning to share it with someone else. The portion is not that big and you won't want to share it. We went a few months ago and all the other dishes were good, but not so good that anything stands in my memory out to recommend now. Using the online menu to refresh: the beef tartare was very good, my wife's steak was undercooked (order med rare and served red and cold). The vegetarian demi lune dish was not as good as it sounded on the menu.

      Overall, it was a good meal if perhaps a bit overpriced. Service was pretty weak, we were at a two top shoved in the alcove and har a hard time getting cocktail refills, etc. We'll give it another shot, but won't run to do so. It might be a good bet to sit at the bar and try a bunch of the apps, though this wouldn't work for a group.

      1. To sum it up: wow. I was so impressed with DeuxAve last night. Firstly the room: elegant, modern, and I would even dare to say romantic in the booths - though we chose to sit at the bar. Service: Emily, our superb bartender, was knowledgeable and engaging and steered us through a most excellent meal. The meal: we decided to take ourselves on a little mini tasting menu through most of the appetizers. The food:

        Mélange of Heirloom Beets: Roasted Heirloom Beets, Laura Chenel’s Chèvre, 8 Brix Verjus Spiced Walnuts, Asian Pear & Osaka Mustard Greens: a perfectly composed beet salad - I thought the goat cheese in particular was a great choice here - so often the goat overpowers delicate beets, but this one paired beautifully.

        French Fries “Au Canard” with Herbs & Parmesan: dare I say these are the best fries in Boston? Salty, crispy - I could have eaten the whole pot.

        Heirloom Watermelon Salad: Duo of Watermelon, Crispy Braised Pork Belly Cucumber, Watermelon Radish, Grilled Scallion Compote, Black Garlic & Soy Vinaigrette, Chicharrones: fresh and ginger-pickled watermelon paired incredibly well with crispy yet tender pork belly - a confit in perfection. I couldn't stop eating the scallion compote.

        Crispy Duck Confit & Cherries: Balsamic Poached Michigan Cherries, Charred Shishito Puree Mint Pickled Cucumbers, Pickled Shishitos, Fresh Cherries, Cress: A classic combination - duck and cherries - taken in a new direction. Addictive.

        “Night Moves” Scituate Lobster with Gnocchi: Potato Gnocchi, Mushrooms, Green Grapes Curried Walnuts & Pearl Onions, in a Citrus Fricassee: These gnocchi were almost like tiny mashed potato clouds - I loved them. Potentially the only issue with this dish were the number of ingredients - I wasn't sure how the onions and grapes worked. But, you know, lobster in a tarragon sauce isn't so hard to get down.

        Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Native Strawberries & Chocolate*: Strawberry Pinot Noir Jam, Espelette Spiced Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Meringue, Buttermilk Gel, Micro Basil: basically the best dessert on earth - fatty, chocolatey, sweet - I couldn't stop eating it. I also loved the slightly sour play of the buttermilk gel against the sweetness of the jam. Beautiful.

        So, that's my love letter to Deuxave. I can't believe I haven't gotten here till now! I can't wait to return.