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Lunch at Ssam bar - best time to go?

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In NYC in two weeks. Wondering if it's best to go early or late (after 2pm)? Other tips for casual NY eats also appreciated!

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  1. To be quite frank, whenever I've gone to lunch (on a weekday) at Ssam Bar, I haven't had to wait.

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      Well, I'm not Frank either, but can be quite him too.
      I go there at least once a month for lunch on weekdays and always find a nice seat at the bar when I'm alone, or sometimes a shared table when I'm with company ... no wait, ever.

      If you're eating solo during a weekend, a bar seat is almost always available at any time.

    2. The menu is quite different on weekdays than on weekends, so you might want to take a look at their menu online before you decide when to go. Weekends are also more crowded. The rotisserie duck is more expensive on the weekends, but they do have a nice prix fixe lunch on the weekends. (no prices on the Momofuku website.)

      1. Never had to wait for a weekday lunch to eat at the bar.

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          OK this is good news - I am flying into town this Wednesday morning, plan to drop my bags at Trump SoHo and then head directly over to Ssam for solo lunch.

          With any luck I should arrive at 2 Ave and 13St right around noon. Can't wait.