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Feb 2, 2013 09:11 PM

Bellingham: Keenan's at the Pier (formerly Fino's)

I just heard about this change the other day and didn't think they were open yet, but apparently they are. Link below has menus. Anyone been there yet?

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  1. Fino's is finito, eh ? (sorry, couldn't resist !)

    Ironically although we're no strangers to Chrysalis, we've never supped at Fino's. Brekkie there is alright, the space and ambiance is decent 'nuff.

    On a related note, couple of weekends ago I happened to have purchased half dozen cookbooks from a gent in B'ham who's moving, and in the process of ridding their household items, including his "500 cookbooks collection". His Craigslist ad is here in case you want to have a gander:

    The seller was coming up to Vancouver for some business anyway so he kindly brought my books up to make the transaction. In conversation he mentioned how Fino's is over-hyped for dinner.

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      We never ate at Fino's. Not our kind of place and too $$$. We aren't into wine and the folks I know who liked it mostly enjoyed food/wine pairings. So, no loss for me. But, I was just talking with a friend recently and we were remarking on the dearth of good eats in Fairhaven, aside from lunch at Book Fare. Maybe Keenan's will be an option for waterfront dining.

      PS: That's a lot of cookbooks! With the convenience of online recipes I find I don't use my cookbooks that often any more.