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Meat and 3 in ATX

I'm from the "deep" South where it's a ritual to have a meat & three every Sunday. Are there any places in Austin (or Round Rock) to get some good homecookin' without dropping more than $10? I've had Hoover's and it's pretty decent, but the price was a little steep.

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  1. There aren't many. Southern Hospitality may be the closest. If you search on here for the soul food threads you'll see most of the other options.

    One of the best meat and 3's was Dot's when it was in its prime before the fire.

    Further out, there's Monument Cafe in Georgetown and Dahlia Cafe in Liberty Hill.

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      Actually Monument and Dahlia Cafes beat any diner food found in austin by a good margin and very worth the drive. Monument's egg yolks are like sunset. Beware, Dahlia is closed sundays.

    2. We love Threadgills for this, but it's not going to hit your price point.

      1. Green Mesquite offers meat + 2 and meat + 3 plates. I'm not a huge fan of their BBQ, but I've had great catfish and sides there and go back just for the fish. The chicken fried offerings and smoked wings are solid as well. Can't beat the salty vibe either.

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          Their chicken fried steak/chicken is darn good too; as is their jambalia.

        2. Mouton's Southern Bistro out in Leander has a decent chicken Fried Steak. It's out on 183 near Crystal Falls Parkway.

          1. The cafe 290 in Manor has meat & 2 (you can add a 3rd) at lunch. I don't remember the price, but it's not a pricey place.

            1. Randy's Ice House in Taylor has a meat & 3 for less than $10. On wednesday, the meat is 2 fried or grilled pork chops. The sides are scalloped potatoes and black-eyed peas with a dinner roll. Friday is fried catfish but I don't know about the other days. It's about 20 minutes from I35 east on Hwy 79.

              1. I'm from Mississippi and often wish there was a place like this in town, but alas there really isn't.

                I like Hill's Cafe- good chicken fried steak that comes with two sides of your choice... you could always add a third. It'll probably be more like $15 though.

                Also have heard great things about Maxine's in Bastrop.

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                  The 'Bama guy concurs. Your best option is Queen Lola's.

                2. You might try Nubian Queen Lola's Cajun Soul Food Cafe on Rosewood Ave. She's closed on Sundays, but is open the other days. I lived for years in Mississippi & New Orleans. If you are from the "deep" South, I think you will be happy here!