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I know I adore the Provence Vert with its distinctive and elegant Rose Floral Note, yet I see there is another tea in the line called Provence Rouge. I assume that the latter has Rooibos instead of Green Tea in the background, but it seems the other additives are the same. I am curious to know if I would like the Rouge as well and how does the taste compare to the Vert? Has anyone had both to give me their opinion? Also, Where is there a "mortar & brick" shop that carries these (semi) locally? It seems that W.S. only carries three of the more common blends.
-Thanks! JET

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  1. The info here may be of some help, but it is rather dated.


    It looks like Market Hall Foods in Rockridge still carries MF teas:


    1. The Pasta Shop in Oakland (Rockridge) and Berkeley (Fourth St.) has the biggest selection I'm aware of in the area, but they only carry what's in the Market Hall Foods link DavidT provided, and the limited bulk selection is only at Fourth St. They have samples to sniff. Tins are cheaper at the store (currently $19.75) than on the site. http://www.porterouge.biz/ has a good bulk selection for mail order.

      You might want to peruse this thread on the General Topics board, and if no one has mentioned the variety you're curious about, post there to see if someone has tried them: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/329103

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      1. Gump's has a decent selection, though I am not sure if they carry the teas you are looking for.

        1. You might call Chantal Guillon. When they were Paulette, they used to have some MF, and they still sell tea.

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            I stopped by Chantal Guillon in Hayes Valley last week. They do serve MF, but I don't know if they sell the tea. Worth a call.

          2. Might be worth calling The French Bakery in LaFayette; they have a HUGE selection of Mariage Frere...

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              Hi Carrie, So funny...That's where I most recently enjoyed the Vert Provence while visiting my folks in Orinda! While there with my niece, we went for tea & took a mini of each of the pastries they had & a scrumptious Lemon/Blueberry Scone with clotted cream!! Soooo indulgent....... She thought it was the coolest place & we sat in front of the fireplace. They don't have the Rouge Provence, but I bought a small bag (all they had remaining!) of the Vert Provence to bring back to smoggy L.A. I grew up in the Bay Area, & the French Bakery is one of my haunts when I come up! The owners are very nice, and I may call & ask them if they are willing to order some Rouge Provence next time. Thanks, Carrie! -JET

            2. Market Hall (Rockridge, Berkeley) just announced receipt of a new shipment of Mariage Frere, including the varieties you mention and many, many more.

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                - - Many thanks, Dordogne! Where exactly is there a location in Rockridge? I looked when I was last in the Bay Area near the shopping center on Broadway near College Ave., but it seemed it went out of business when I tried to call. Also, where in Bezerkley is this? -Thanks, JET

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                  Rockridge Market Hall is right across the street from the Rockridge BART station in Oakland, catty-corner from the entrance, on College Ave. The Mariage Freres teas are sold in the Pasta Shop inside.


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                    Thanks, Kaitlyn! I called & they do have a lot (but not the Rouge Provence Blend). I see now that there is a French (yet U.S. Based Website that offers all the Marriage Blends for order. It's either this or maybe I can convince The French Bakery in Lafayette to order the "RP" next time they do their Marriage order. Wow, Market Hall has some really yummy-looking gourmet items that I'll definitely check out when I'm next up in the Bay Area! The Zout Restaurant on 4th Street makes a floral & elderflower water that is outstanding!! Let me know if you have a chance to try it! -JET

              2. In the event you're still looking for a Bay Area source, Pasta Shop of Fourth St. in Berkeley now has Provence Vert in bulk for $3.75/ounce.

                Incidentally, while it's true that the French Bakery in Lafayette has a large selection of MF (a couple of dozen, including some I haven't seen for sale elsewhere in the Bay Area), they sell it for $12/ounce, which is more than twice the per-ounce cost of buying it in tins locally.

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                  Looks like the French Bakery in Lafayette has closed.

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                    Oh, that is sad... While their offering of MF *was* expensive, it was nice to be able to buy an ounce here or an ounce there to taste different offerings.