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Feb 2, 2013 05:01 PM


I absolutely adore the rose taste of the Provence Vert Blend, and I now see that the line makes a similar blend called Provence Rouge. I assume the Rouge means the leaves change to Rooibos, but it seems the other additions are the same. Has anyone tasted both? How are the tastes different between these two? Are any of their other blends also mainly featuring Rose? Who in either L.A. or the Bay Area carries these two specific blends? It seems that Williams Sonoma only carries Marco Polo, a Breakfast Blend, and Earl Grey. I am now anxious to compare the taste of the Rouge Provence. Thanks, JET

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  1. I last saw them at Sur La Table on Wilshire in Santa Monica.

    1. Hi Silverlake, Did you see both blends, or just the Provence Vert? -Thanks, JET

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        I'm unlikely to be much help on this one.

        Even though I am an avid drinker of premium teas, I no longer favor blends. Regardless, I have never, ever found a reliable source for Mariage Frères entire line. FWIW, Sur la Table, if they still carry Mariage, does not offer it on the website. You might want to call.

        On the bright side, but still not helping your quest, the Marriage Frères website is now both in French and English and now allows mail order. The WHOLE line.

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          Merci! I recognize the pic. as ne from an illustrator of a coffee table art book at Gold Bug in Pasadena...Great Gourmet minds think alike, Thanks! JET