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Feb 2, 2013 04:10 PM

pizza dough crust is always too puffy

whether i buy dough or make it from scratch, my pizza crust always comes out too puffy. how do make a thinner crust pizza? if i spread the dough out too thin then the middle is compromised with this giant puffy crust. what am doing wrong??

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  1. are you talking about the edges? roll those thinner than you currently do, or even just roll the whole thing flat and thin. or is the whole thing is too puffy for your liking? that could be solved with a shorter rise and a thinner rolling too.

    1. I make an amazing crust that doesn't lend itself to a thin version, but I have a suggestion; The thin crusts of the (Mario Battali, et al) "Babo" Pizzas are the best I've had, and they have a Babo Cookbook (I just bought it) which gives their recipe & method! Their "White PIzza" on this same crust is to die for!!! Good Luck, JET

      1. I press it out as thin as I can on olive oiled baking sheet. Then put in fridge for 20 mins or so. Then press out more as needs to be done for desired thinness with more olive oil. You can never have too much oo imo .