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Feb 2, 2013 03:07 PM

Chicago Dog at Spalla's in Natick

Finally made it out to Spalla's and loved the Chicago Dog. Flavorful but not overpowering dog with excellent toppings and perfect bun. Also tried some offerings from the European Deli which shares the space. This is a must stop for people on Rt. 9.

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  1. It's definitely the real thing!

    The owner is a very sweet lady, as well. Don't forget to get an Italian beef sandwich doused in jus - it's amazing. Their ices are really good, too.

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      Yes, she's really lovely. I personally like my jus on the side (I find non-disintegrating bread easier to eat, but I'm a little sensitive about messy hands/fingers) and request it that way. I thought a touch more oregano and black pepper would suit my taste. I also requested the spicier pepper from the hot dog, as I thought the standard for the Italian beef might be a little mild. I'll have to go back this week!

    2. Speak of the devil. I had one of these the other night. It was great. I could have eaten a second one. Very nice service from the owners too.

      1. If you ever find yourself in Weymouth, Windy City Eats' Chicago dog is pretty great.

        Full disclosure: it's the only place I've had a Chicago dog so I don't have a comparison.

        1. Additional / btw - it's just off RT 9, a couple of blocks north on RT 27. It's on the right hand side (east) side of the road. It shares a side street frontage with a laundromat, convenience store, and a sub/pizza shop that faces RT 27.

          1. Had my first Chicago Dog today at Spalla's. I'd definitely go back. The dog was tasty and not over powering. There was a good selection of toppings; I got mine without the Sport Peppers (I'm not into hot). The owner was very nice and friendly; she's from Chicago, so the dogs are the real deal, not someone opening up a restaurant with a food gimmick. I think tomorrow, I'll have to try the Chicago Italian Beef sandwich (I've read on a another site that it's equally as good too).