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Feb 2, 2013 01:11 PM

Louro, anyone been?

This is quite new and I'd like t know what is recommended.

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  1. I believe there's an earlier thread. Just type in "Louro" in the search bar.

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      We had dinner there this evening and it was wonderful! Very informal, laid back with excellent, reasonably priced food. The thing to do is to share several "bites" and small plates. We had 6 for 3 people which was plenty although none of us are big eaters. Absolutely not to be missed is the polenta with duck egg and the gnocci (sp?) Romana.

      1. I seem to have gone on an off night. Food was fine, but nothing earth shattering. Small plates were better than the entrees. Lowest points were the too-sweet sauce on the duck ruining the dish and really long waits between courses. Had a table of 4 and dinner took 2.5 hours for apps (ordered 5) and entrees. If I have a friend who specifically wants to go hear I wouldn't be opposed to returning, but with all the other great restaurants in the city I won't proactively go here again. But again, I might have just gone on an off night (was a Sunday in mid-January).

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          Was just were there for dinner Saturday and 4 of us had a stellar experience. Great food, great service, creative and delicious. My full report is here if you're interested: