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Feb 24, 2006 01:14 PM

Moody's in Truckee

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Wow! Fine dining comes to Truckee. Had two great meals at Moody's Bistro in Truckee. For dinner - Foie Gras appetizer - well executed if a little skimpy on the foie. I had a special called "duck, duck quail": medallions of duck breast, duck confit and roast quail, all excellent. Grilled sardine appetizer was pleasant. S'mores dessert was delicious - homemade marshmellows, dark chocolate bar and home made graham crackers with a little flame to roast. My only complaint was that the chocolate bar was too small.

Had Sunday brunch there as well, pork hash was terrific, as was pork-pull sandwich and pancakes.

Great meals in a pleasant dining room, probably 1/3 less than a similar meal would cost in SF or LA.

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  1. We ate at Moody's late June and were blown away. My husband could only grunt his approval of the pig's trotter pancake served over sweetbreads and lobster chunks.
    Tracy des Jardins recommended it in a recent Food and Wine.
    Betsy White

    1. can you please include location and any other known info?

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        Moody's Bistro & Lounge
        10007 Bridge Street

        (open 7 days - it's on the corner of Donner Pass Road & Bridge Street)

      2. I've eaten there three times, once last January and twice last weekend. Totally unpretentious and casual place with great food. Ground floor of the Truckee Hotel.

        Best steak tartare I've had outside of France. Great buttery Dungeness crab toast. Good duck liver pate. Best bread-and-butter pickles I've had anywhere (not sure which dish they came with). Good pizza, peally good pasta special, I forget what it was (had been bar-hopping that night).

        1. We haven't been here in a few years but had lunch here today. Had a super pizza. Veal Sausage - Shishito Peppers, Arugula, caramelized Onion, Red Sauce . Very light touch on everything. We won't this long to be back again.

          1. Moody’s is back to its previous greatness when Mark Estee had been chef. When he left, the menu was dumbed down and the food was average at best. This was during the recession so not much of a surprise. Their current chef, Will Burns, has a wonderful, creative menu and everything we ate was terrific. Our server, Craig, could be doing standup comedy if he hadn’t been working at the restaurant.
            A bunch of the entrees looked good but we opted to eat a variety of appetizers and a pizza. Duck liver pate was rich, smooth, and silky-a great rendition. Shishito peppers are appearing on many big city menus and it was nice to see them in little Truckee with a tasty aioli. Our salad course was asparagus with a barely poached egg, burrata, mizuna greens, torn bread and champagne vinaigrette. Sophisticated with exceptional flavor. We continued with avocado, farm egg, and pork belly. This had similar flavors to the asparagus but was still a great dish-of course any dish that has crispy pork belly is great. The wood fired pizza had a nice thin crust and was topped with hedgehog mushrooms, favas, goat cheese, pine nuts, and balsamic onions. It was a terrific pizza but skimpy on the mushrooms.
            We rarely get dessert but couldn’t pass up the peanut butter and jelly bread pudding which was absolutely to die for. Rich but not too, sweet, but not too, this is an all-star dessert that could be at home on any dessert menu in the country. I don’t know who created this dish but I would give them a huge hug.
            For a restaurant of this creativity and quality near the lake prices are surprisingly moderate. The peppers were $6, the liver $7, the asparagus $11, the pork belly $12, and the pizza $15. The only entrée over $30 was halibut.
            Moody’s has a beautiful wine list, consisting of well-priced, moderate wines and some incredibly hard to get pricy gems. Welcome back Moody’s! I like your style!