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Feb 2, 2013 12:06 PM

Dreaming of our summer trip to Goa....

Hello fellow Chowhounds

I am sitting here in cold New York City and dreaming of the month we will be spending in Mapusa, Goa this July. I know it is not ideal weather time....but my husband has gotten a lovely offer to teach there for several weeks and I have always wanted to go so.....half the fun is the planning!

I want to immerse myself in the food there (not literally) but besides cooking lessons and market visits, I would love to know any recommendations for favorite foods you might have had there and if you have the name of the place where you ate. High or low....a wonderful restaurant or a beachside shack; a market booth or a shop where you purchased something. I welcome any and all ideas.

And I thank you heartily in advance!

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  1. I've spent the majority of my time in Goa in the north on Ashvem beach (beautiful beach by the way), there are great beach shacks up and down the beach. Here is my write up from a few years ago, not sure how much has changed.

    One note is La Plage, it's French with Indian influences and draws travelers to Ashvem from all over the state... we even met a few people who stayed in Ashvem just so they could eat there.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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      This sounds wonderful, and I look forward to exploring that thread. Do you think these places are open in July, though? I have heard many beach shacks close then. Thank you!