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Feb 2, 2013 11:37 AM

Non-Korean Wilshire and 6th?

My friend and I will be celebrating Super Bowl Sunday at a Korean Spa at 6th + Wilshire. Can you please recommend a nearby non-Korean restaurant for dinner? We often eat downtown so it would be fun to try a new neighborhood. Not fancy as we'll be post-massage, but maybe not a complete dive. Sushi, Thai, Mexican, continental all great. Thanks so much and hope your team wins.

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    Just an FYI, Wilshire and 6th don't cross, they parallel each other.

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      I would want some comfort food after that. Head straight down to the Pantry in downtown LA Figueroa and 9th. Just basic food but high-quality and big portions. Their coleslaw and bread are to die for and included on every order.

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        I live at 6th and Serrano. I think that is the area you mean. I also vote Beer Belly and those duck fat fries.

      2. All'Angolo @ Normandie & Third, solid Italian joint w/ handmade pastas and Westside cred.

        1. iirc wilshire and 6th intersect in santa monica.
          i don't recall any korean spa there. . . .

          1. There's always Taylor's for steaks on eighth street. If you don't mind driving about ten minutes I would try Tacqueria Los Anaya on Adams and West. Very casual but good food. Check the hours for Sunday.

            1. My bad on geography - so sorry but mid-Wilshire and thanks so much for the recs.