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Feb 2, 2013 11:20 AM

Voss Fish and Grill on N. Lamar - anyone?

Who's been to this Bangladeshi brick and mortar in the little strip mall near burger king? I hear it's great. Maybe the only fish kebobs in town...

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  1. My best friend is Bangladeshi.....when he comes for a visit, we will check it out and report. Thanks for the heads-up!

    1. Thanks, slowcooked, for mentioning this. Based on your tip, we tried it today for lunch (Note they don't open until noon). We thought it was quite good. We each had a version of grilled, spiced fish and enjoyed them all. I had the Pomfret big which is a whole fish and was well cooked. Another had the red snapper filet, but the winner was the sole passa bangla filet. Some were ordered medium spicy and others spicy but we could tell no difference between the levels.

      On our next visit I want to try the shrimp kata kat, which was described as some sort of chopped shrimp/fish combo--presumably these are your kebobs?

      They have a couple of family meal combos on posters. Here's the regular menu and there is a lunch special of any filet, with dal and rice for $7. Typically the orders are by the pound which is unusual.

      1. Tried it for lunch today; very delicious. So few Indian restaurants carry fish dishes, and for Bengalis, fish is the primary staple food. I am really thrilled to see this place, and hope they succeed. They serve grilled dishes, and not the usual curries that you get everywhere else; Bengali fried fish is something I remember with great fondness and rarely do you see that in your typical Indian restaurant.

        We had the Shrimp Kata Kat (took me a while to figure this out; kata is "cut" in Bengali, so Kata Kat means cut in small pieces, or chopped); the fish and the shrimp are chopped up and grilled with spices. It was really very good. Definitely will try that one again.

        The second dish was the Fish Masala, which is just spicy grilled fish. The fish pieces were grilled nicely, quite soft inside,and with lots of onions, peppers and tomatoes.

        We ordered both dishes spicy, and while not as hot as you would expect a vindaloo to be, it is respectably hot. With most of my friends, I will order it to be a bit milder next time.

        We had it with rotis (bread) instead of rice. Very much as I remember from my visits, but perhaps bigger in size. They served 4 for the two of us; 1 each was quite enough for us.

        So, on the strength of one visit, I recommend this place. If you like Indian food, try this place for something different.

        1. Thanks Rajat and Carter for the reviews. The shrimp kat kat sounds wonderful.

          1. Chowhounds who are looking for a unique and extremely flavorful Indian/Bengladeshi dining experience should check out Voss asap.

            I had the privilege of dining at Voss last night and I want to STRONGLY support all the compliments this restaurant has been collecting on this board. This is a very unique dining experience - I have never seen an Indian restaurant serving so many different fish dishes. I've had a few Goan fish curries, but that's not what Voss is about.
            We ordered 4 different grilled fish entrees. As mentioned before, they have a very limited menu and it's 95% fish.
            As Carter B mentioned, the Sole Pass Bangla Fillet was very good. I thought all the fish was high quality, very fresh tasting, not some generic tilapia or catfish. The two masala dishes were my favorites. I ordered mine medium spicy and it was very tasty.
            Portions were large.
            We started off with a ground beef samosa appetizer which was a little greasier than I'm used to, but it was very spicy with a lighter, flakier crust than I've seen on most Austin samosas. We also ordered the dal side dish and I will definitely order this again - very creamy, medium spicy, it had the consistency of a split pea soup. Yummy. The fish entrees are served with whole-wheat (?) chipattis.
            This restaurant serves only halal meats and no alcohol is permitted on the premises.
            This is not a fancy restaurant. All dishes are served on Styrofoam plates with plastic forks, but it was very clean and friendly.
            I hope this place catches on - I know I will be back.