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Feb 2, 2013 09:45 AM


Please share your opinions about this restaurant.

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  1. Have not been in a long time but it is good, solid pizza not expensive and fun. Their pastas are pretty good too.

    1. The Hallandale operation is usually dirty, disorganized and full of people who don't enhance your dining experience. Pizzas are okay, but much better food is available in many other venues.

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      1. re: southocean

        Mine was in reference to the SOBE location.

        1. re: tpigeon

          The OP didn't specify a location. The SOBE location isn't the only Piolo location. SOBE isn't the center of the eating universe.

          1. re: southocean

            Well Hallandale sure isn't either.

            1. re: southocean

              A bit touchy, aren't we? Not sure there is anything wrong with pointing out that the SOBE location is different than what you described at the Hallandale location.

              1. re: tpigeon

                You didn't point out differences between SOBE and Hallandale Beach locations. You automatically assumed the OP was referring to the SOBE location and responded accordingly.

                Remember the 1972 New Yorker "The World As Seen From New York" cover? That could easily be modified to describe the Chowhound descriptors of dining in the Miami SMSA from you and a few others on this site. "If it ain't in SOBE, it isn't worth thinking about."

                1. re: southocean

                  Look, I forgot to mention the location of the Piola in my original post so I corrected it in the second post. Your post reminded me that Piola now has multiple locations in the USA so I said to myself "uh oh, I should have mentioned geography in my original post", I then did and you attacked me. As for pointing out the differences, how could I? I have never been to the Hallandale Beach one to verify your comment. Your point is absurd. I can only speak to the SOBE location and that is what I did.

                  As an aside, I mention geography in almost all my posts including the threads I start. I live in SOBE and that is the area I know best. It has nothing to do with other locations or what I think or don't think about them.

                  As for your "Remember the New Yorker" comment -- put up or shut up, if you have specific links proving what you say about me, post them. You have many years of data you can go through. In the meantime, please kindly remove the large stick from your rear end.

                  1. re: tpigeon

                    New Yorker? I can't think of one person who thinks the dining on SoBe is better than anywhere else in Miami. That's a ridiculous comment. There's great food to be had all over Miami. Most people speak most passionately about their neighborhood because that's what they know best.

          1. Problem with the Hallandale location the and $7.77 dollar specials at 5,6 and 7pm any pizza depending on the hour and the rug rats it produces!

            1. Have not been to the Hallandale location, but the Alton Road location is decent. A bit noisy, and not the best pizza in the area, but certainly above average for south beach.