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Feb 2, 2013 09:44 AM

Food and Wine Show?

Is the MPLS/St Paul magazine food and wine show worth the money? It looks like only negative reviews on Yelp but usually people take the time to post when they are mad. Plus there is only 4 reviews.

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  1. I think the best day is sunday when pourers tend to be more liberal with the tasting amt, rather than having to pack a bunch of wine up and take it home. I have only been while pouring or working a food station, but it's not supposed to be a full meal replacement. If you are into seeing a lot of washington state wines that are pretty under represented in the market, I think its worth going. If you are looking to replace a dinner, I would think you may be disappointed. Yelp sucks. Amateurish oh and also this...

    1. The most salient detail about food and wine shows sponsored by magazines is the one hardly anyone knows: These events are organized to make money for the sponsoring magazine, not the vendors being showcased.

      There's nothing wrong with that, but it does result in getting what you paid for. Very little wine and food, but a lot of PR for the sponsoring magazine.

      Your better bet is to patronize the vendors at their locales.

      1. You may want to keep your eye out for half price tickets through one of the "deal" outlets such as the City Pages, Strib, PiPress, one of the local channels all have discount programs. I have seen tickets through one of them for past MSP mag events.

        1. Thanks, guys! It was going to be a present for husband but I don't see ringing endorsements. May look for coupons, though. Then it may be worth it.

          1. I would not go especially at the price point. As mentioned the Washington State wines have saved the show and without them there would be little quality to sample. Hennepin Lake does a tasting every year and the wines are way better and there is a charity involved that benefits and tickets are $25. Just go out to dinner after the event. Most of the distributors have pulled out due to the high costs of attending the event.