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Feb 2, 2013 09:20 AM

LAX - RIC This Monday Night

Looking for a couple of solid rec's for a Monday night.

Haven't booked a hotel yet. I like to base my accommodations, in proximity to the restaurant I choose, as apposed to the inverse.

Location: Carytown - The Fan - Downtown

Food: Creative - Eclectic - Rustic

Bar & Scene: Cocktails and a bit of liveliness (for a Monday night that is)

From other posts I've gleaned the following:

Hard Shell
Can Can

I know that list is probably all over the degustory Map ( I think I just made that word up), but some current opinions, or something I may have missed, would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Heritage, Arcadia, and The Roosevelt are my current favorites - but are closed on Mondays. Magpie, and Rappahannock (new, haven't been there yet) are closed on Monday, also. I'd eliminate The Tobacco Company, Bookbinders, and Can Can (there is better food in Richmond).

    I had a great meal recently at Bistro Bobette (on the same block as The Tobacco Company), and I like Pasture a lot, too. Monday nights at Pasture is 'Mexican Night', and they do their twist on mexican food (but serve the regular menu, too). Pasture has a great drink program, not sure what the traffic is like on Monday, though.

    The Camel is interesting - I am showing my age here when I say that my kids frequent the Camel for the music offerings. I haven't dined there - so I am not sure about the food. Might be fun to catch a live show after dinner. And it looks like they have music on Mondays, too.

    Sorry not to be more helpful - Monday nights are kind of rough in Richmond, apparently.

    I am curious to see what other RIchmond folks have to say.

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    1. re: jeanmarieok

      "Monday nights are kind of rough in Richmond, apparently", is apropos I suppose.

      Wish I could go back, edit and strikethrough most of my list.

      Coming from SoCal, I get plenty of Mex, but if Pasture offers their regular menu, that may work. Do you think the regular menu is compromised due to the Mex offering?

      Anyone for Hard Shell, or other raw bars?

      Thanks for the input either way.

      1. re: WileysHungryAgain

        Was my query so de rigueur, or is there just that little participation the entire "Mid-Atlantic" board?

        1. re: WileysHungryAgain

          I'm just seeing your thread....I'm not a fan of Hard Shell and I agree with JeanMarie on eliminating Tobacco Co, Bookbinders and CanCan.

          Our go to Monday night place is Edo's Squid at Harrison and Grace. But there is no "bar scene".

    2. I loved your comment about the little participation on this board. There seems to be a core group who are willing to post, and their comments are very helpful. And I totally agree with both JeanMarie and Janet on their "passes".

      Acacia and Comfort are both open on Mondays, and while this board seems to be divided about them, I've enjoyed both and find them very consistent over several years. Acacia has really interesting craft cocktails and you won't go wrong with any of their entrees, especially fish.

      Edo's is amazeballs, but if you're by yourself, may not be the most welcoming. Both Comfort and Acacia have small bars that serve full meals.

      If you have time in the morning, I'd strongly recommend Lamplighter Coffee for coffee, and if you're willing to drive up the HIll, SubRosa Bakery and WPA are both incredibly delicious places to start your day.

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      1. re: nyctripper

        I didn't realize Comfort was open on Mondays...that's a great recommendation (along with Acacia).

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          Well that's what I'm talking about...

          So Edo or Comfort it is, but I think Comfort may edge out Edo tonight.

          Landed at the Linden Row, and a delightful reception by (Niles sp?) concierge, and a foodie* in her own right is leaning towards the latter, and I can walk there.

          And as a matter of fact, I do have spare time in the morning ( after all it is the south-ish) so lamplighters it is. 10am - Cafe & pastry on me.

          Thanks Mid-Atlantic. Come west and we'll repay in spaids. Ad nausea, may be a more accurate description.

          *Maybe the most overused, and abused label of the decade.

          Thanks to all. Cheers

          1. re: WileysHungryAgain

            Let us know what you did and how you liked it!!

            1. re: nyctripper

              As a matter of fact I did like it. Being only one of the 3 or 4 paatrons in the place, I Owned it.

              I started with one (well maybe more than one) of there signature cocktails made with Gin and some other ingrediants that somehoh slip my mind this morning.

              I Mostly went down a self imposed small plate route starting with the Pimento Chees plate. A room temp cheesy, pimento studded concoction served with crispy dill pickles and Ritz Crackers. A higher elevated version than the southern hollar variety I've had in other, well southern hollars.

              Shrimp-n-Grits came next which albeit pretty straight forward, yet really served well as a warm "welcome" to the south.

              Et en suite, the Surry Sasage plate. A very nice, well spiced split sausage served with collards tweaked by a zippy vinegar, mustard seed, and mustard punch. Looking back, I should have ordered another.

              At this point the server was growing slightly weary of all of my queries... where's thencheesenfrom? What far are you all sourcing your pork from, blah blah blah. She finally went to fetch the chef to deal with yet another annoying diner.

              Chef Travis, aka Milton, proceeded join me at the bar. For the next hour, yammered on about food, love and life, only to discover we shared friends and interest, common to both of us.

              Finished with a nice simple salad with a bacon vinagrette, which I knocked over onto the bar. But that was remedied by the cocktail that the bartender pleased onto the bar. You know, Gin makes a really nice grease cutter.

              So I'm writing this from The SubRosa Bakery where I've enjoyed a nice cafe and croissant. And am about to continue my enjoyment, by ordering a croissant, stuffed with Olli Salami made with a Sangiovese.

              So I must say, that this is the power of this board. Years ago, I would have flown into town, floundered around for a couple of hours, looking for a good meal, only to be steered to the nearest Morton's, by a concierge on commission.

              Thanks for your help.

              My last question is... so what have ya done for me lately?

              I've have a couple of days business to tend to down in, wait for it, Deltaville. Wherever that is.

              My wuestion is, Do they eat food there, or just their young?

              1. re: WileysHungryAgain

                Comfort is a good place. I LOVE Subrosa Bakery, so happy you found it.

                If you are going to Deltaville, you want to check out Merrior. It is unique to this area, and a great dining experience.

                1. re: WileysHungryAgain

                  So glad you were happy with both Comfort and SubRosa. Getting the bakery open has been a long road for my friend Evrim, but it's so worth it, for him and the public both!! You gotta hit Merrior; it's technically in Topping and you can find info on it on the Rappahannock River Oysters site. Let us know the next time you visit, and if it's not on a Monday, we'll have more suggestions for you.