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Feb 2, 2013 08:17 AM

good food in Malta?

I'm going to Malta soon for a short break (hoping for some sun). I will be staying in Valletta. Can anyone suggest good eating places, or dishes to look out for?

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  1. so much good food in malta!! make sure you try their merguez sausage, it is delicious. in valetta, there is this lovely, small tapas restaurant called leglegin. the chef serves you what he wants, and everything is delicious. i stayed in sliema, so the only other valetta rec that i can recall is a delicious sandwich shop near the conference center...i wish i could help you out more, but it was a very small place with delicious tuna salad....

    my favorite place in sliema (that i went to three times, it is worth the easy bus ride from valetta) is called ta kris. it can be tricky to find, but i think that they are putting a placard on the street directing you down the small alley that houses it? all of the pastas are excellent as are all of their fish mains. excellent food.

    1. Thanks,that's very helpful.

      1. Mazza3 beat me to it, I was going to recommend Leglegin as well. Do make a reservation if you are going on a weekend evening as the place is tiny and most locals know to reserve ahead. Phone - +356-21221699.

        There is also a good Italian place just down St. Paul's Street from the Castille Hotel, sadly the name escapes me and it's not shown on Google maps.

        One dish we never miss and try at every restaurant serving it, is traditional Maltese fish soup (Aljotta). A very nice light tomato based broth, sometimes with rice, other times with a very small dice of potato and always with fresh fish (at least the good ones).

        If you plan on going to Gozo here's my write up from a visit in Sept 2011 - .

        1. Thanks very much, Mazza3 and Vanderb, that's very helpful indeed - especially as my guide book doesn't list leglegin.

          1. We ate well in Valletta - the best was Leglegin, where we had the excellent 20 euro tasting menu, so thank you for recommending that. Also had a good meal at Ambrosia. And Maltese wine is surprisingly good.