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Feb 2, 2013 08:05 AM

What are you baking these days? Valentine's Day 2013 edition! [OLD]

Here we go again...seems to me Feb is usually our biggest month...and I think these threads are celebrating their 3rd birthday with this one :) !!!
Time to break out the heart-shaped molds and the chocolate...Rose Levy Beranbaum's chocolate Valentine's heart from "Heavenly Cakes" is indeed heavenly.
I must make bread tomorrow, and something lemon to use up some Meyers (a taste I've finally succumbed to after all these years of thinking Eurekas superior).
Soo..what are you baking these days?

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  1. Yum! Staff meeting this week, so either something citrussy or something with dulce de leche.. maybe I'll try making alfajores? I bought back some manjar from Chile this fall...

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      The alfajores recipe from chow is fantastic, if you don't have a recipe in mind. I dated a guy from Uruguay whose mother was Argentinian and made a nearly identical recipe, as far as I could tell. The only change I'd suggest is to pipe the dulce de leche on with a disposable piping bag or portion with a truffle scoop (I like a #90 ) instead of spreading with a knife. It makes such a sticky mess

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          I ended up baking King Arthurs' Lemon Bliss Cake:

          It got rave reviews and I had the ingredients for it, which was key! It's a very simple pound cake, so I'm hoping that it's still a hit with my colleagues. I also have to freeze it since the meeting is not until Thursday, but bundt cakes do freeze well. I almost made a wonderful looking lemon cake recipe from Dan Lepard's "Short and Sweet".. until I realised that I didn't have condensed milk in my cupboard.. which is unheard of!

    2. Just made these sour cherry jam cookies, knew the minute I saw this I had to try it as I'm always looking for new ways to use up my homemade jams. These are really good, only change was to leave out the ginger and replace the vanilla with almond extract.

      1. I made some Cinnamon Swirl Bread. But I substituted dried cranberries (craisns) for the raisins because I have chihuahuas and don't want them to find any stray raisins (grapes and raisins are poison to dogs).

        I also made a loaf of honey whole wheat bread.

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        1. I have some blood oranges to use, so likely a blood orange upside down cake. I really want to male Roxlet's coconut cake again - it was divine at Christmas. (I have to work on the icing - icing just never seems to work for me)

          1. I'm hosting a super bowl party tomorrow so I just made a batch of lemon bars (a tweaked recipe from the Joy of Cooking), the Pierre Herme Nutella tart (although that's going to be cut into bar form as well), and I have a batch of bread dough rising overnight.

            I've been trying to get a sourdough starter going this week, but I'm not having a lot of luck - it bubbles and smells fruity, but it won't rise. Not sure what the problem is, but there was no way it was going to do the job for this batch of bread.

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              Where's the Hermé recipe from?
              I always add yeast to sourdough breads...just a little does the trick.

              1. re: buttertart

                The Pierre Herme nutella tart is greatness! I've made it a few times and it is always a hit. I got the recipe from the internet a few years ago!

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                  The recipe is all over the internet - here's a link:

                  I use Dorie Greenspan's pate sablee instead of the recipe on that link. This time I made it in an 8x8 square pan and used a bit more Nutella than called for. I also use 72% chocolate and cut the sugar in half, so there's a distinct difference in sweetness between the Nutella layer and the ganache layer. Topped it with salted pecans - it is divine!!!

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                    I have Madeleine's in the oven as we speak. Dorie Greenspan's recipe is, hands down, the best madeleine recipe! Baking a couple of batches b/c my honey is on his way home from Paris--will meet him at the airport with some of these delicious baked little cakes. He will probably be happier to see the madeleine's than me:):)!!!!