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Feb 2, 2013 07:55 AM

Favorite Long Island Supermarkets

I thought it would be interesting to start a thread about everybody's favorite supermarkets on Long Island.

One thing I love about living near the 135 is that there's such a great variety of large well-stocked ethnic supermarkets, which I don't take for granted! If I'm cooking Asian at home, I shop at H&Y in Hicksville. I've been to Apna Bazaar in Hicksville for Indian ingredients and sometimes Uncle Giuseppe's in Massapequa when I'm cooking Italian. There's also Fairway in Plainview, which is well-known for it's fantastic quality and selection. I round out my grocery shopping at Meat Farms or Stop & Shop for everyday items. I especially like Meat Farms for cheap produce and deli items.. but watch the dates on some of the desserts in the bakery section!

Where's your go to spots for food shopping?

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  1. There's also a Fairway in Westbury and Douglaston now. Better than Uncle G's (I never get the love for that place, meh), there's Iavarone Brothers in Woodbury. I like Mr. Sausage in Huntington, too.

    I like ShopRite in Plainview.

    1. Northshore farms has nice quality things, Best Yet is also quite awesome!

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      1. re: Pierogiconnoisseur

        I'm not thrilled by the fruit/vegetable section of BY. I've gone to two different stores on several occasions to buy juice oranges, and given up when I'd found quite a few rotten ones in the loose bin. Not overripe--I mean squishy and moldy.

        I once called up someone in corporate and reported this, but nothing's changed.

        1. re: Scott_R

          Scott: If the oranges were bagged or shrink wrapped you would have no idea of their condition until you got home.
          I've bought bags of juice oranges at BJ's and Sams Club. They all looked good but within a day at least one was turning bad.
          Produce does ripen and over ripen in the loose bins.
          I am glad that I can "test" the condition of the produce at Best Yet.

          1. re: Motosport

            Motosport, me too, I love being able to look the produce over piece by piece, unlike the big chains. I have close to zero complaints with the perishability at Best Yet, but I DO look over each piece like an old Italian grandmother. Just bought a bag of honey tangerines there, ate one and it was like heaven. And this was pre-bagged; this place started as mainly produce and they know their stuff. It is an art to know good produce and I feel like they have a great balance between price and quality. I have seldom seen anything rotten in the loose section, and if I did I would just leave it for the employees to deal with at end of day. I know the owner and how he is, can't believe they wouldn't respond to a customer complaint in a timely manner. I never even have a complaint on price discrepancies, unlike all the big chains, and lately am doing the majority of my shopping there. But everyone's entitled to their opinion!

            1. re: Motosport

              And that's an excuse for having rotten oranges in the bin?

              I bought bagged oranges at one location. For some reason, they were small navels oranges re-bagged as juice oranges--in fact, the bagged oranges were individually labeled (with those little oval labels), so I could tell exactly what they were: low juice/high pulp oranges. I don't recall seeing pre-bagged oranges that had labels on the individual oranges inside. To top it off, they were California oranges in a "product of Florida" bag.

              They blamed this on their distributor.

              1. re: Scott_R

                Oranges are one of the few produce items I hardly ever buy....but I will monitor my honey tangerines and report back when I am done with the bag. I really like buying my fruits and veggies loose, but made an exception this time for such a hard-to-get item. And another great thing about Best Yet is how they always have the most hard-to-get items in stock, it's like a treasure hunt every time I go there.

                I buy single oranges as garnish or for the peel, but of course one at a time so there's always lots of good ones to choose from. They have quite a variety of oranges, but juice oranges (Valencia) are usually not available til later in the summer. Maybe that was part of your problem, were these out of season? Breakfast places I know that squeeze their own juice are always unhappy with their large Sunkists, which is as good as it gets until the real juice oranges finally appear in the market.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  I strongly feel that the culprit is "Mother Nature"!!!
                  There are times when I put a banana in my banana basket and a day later: OMG!!! It's got brown spots!!!
                  Such is life!!

            2. re: Pierogiconnoisseur

              There's plenty of good grocery shopping in my Manhattan neighborhood, but when I visit relatives in the Port Washington area I love going to North Shore Farms. Doesn't matter whether I need anything or not--I just enjoy wandering around the place, especially the produce, seafood, and prepared foods sections. Compared to Fairway or Whole Foods, NSF feels (to me) more welcoming and manageable, and I think the quality and selection are excellent.

            3. I like V&T in Hempstead for Asian as well as Compare and Met Foods Hicksville for Central American products Tavlin in Bellmore has Mediterranean /Middle Eastern products ON Main st In Riverhead a Polish shop with some real good and fresh sausage and cooked foods like stuffed cabbage and stuffed potato and in the Walmart shopping center a Eastern European market .

              1. Best Yet is my overall everyday favorite, their prices are great, they carry lots of exotic stuff and their bakery section is mostly imported from the city. Living out east in the boondocks that means a lot to me! A few times a year, when we have doctor appts by Stonybrook, that means a stop at Trader Joe, Whole Food, maybe Meat Farms and the "Oriental Market" behind Burger King. Once a year, when I have to really travel somewhere, then we have Fairway, my favorite destination of all. Ummm: lox, cheese, Blue Mountain coffee, oil and vinegar, honey....think I'm about due. Oh and yes Compare, but only the one in Farmingville, to stock up on Mexican and the like.

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                1. re: coll

                  Has anyone ever been to the Riverhead Market on Main st I pass and observe mostly a Hispanic group of shoppers . I like to know if they have store made products such as mole,tamales etc.

                  1. re: scunge

                    Too bad, the place on Sound Ave, A Taste of Country, had the BEST homemade Central/ South American food, but the town was trying to close them down last I heard. Not because of the food, because of that it was supposed to be a farm stand. If they are still there, run over immediately.

                2. Fairway and Wegman's are my all time favorites but Fairway is too far from the North Fork and "Wegworld" does not exist on LI.
                  Best Yet is my favorite local market. A nice variety of fresh produce with great prices. Same for the meat and seafood departments. Nice bakery section too. Fabulous store baked bread and nice imports from NYC.
                  Reminds me a bit of a non America public market. I don't need my broccoli shrink wrapped and pristine looking. Let me grab a head of broccoli or a bunch of cilantro and hold it in my hand.
                  All of that produce packaging at S&S and Julia's (Waldbaum) have got to drive up the prices.