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Feb 2, 2013 07:14 AM

Has anyone tried the Chinese menu at Yangtze River in Littleton?

When I first moved to the Merrimack Valley around 1995, the buffet was a decent option, but in recent years, the quality has taken a nose dive. Also, my tastes have expanded way beyond Americanized Chinese food. I recently discovered that they have a special Chinese menu, which a Chinese friend was kind enough to translate for me (Google translation kept bringing up the word "rot" in several dishes).

Traditional Chinese Style Cold Cut Platters
8402 涼拌海蜇皮 jelly fish skin $5.50
8403 五香牛肉 Spiced beef $5.50
8404 麻辣牛筋 Spicy Beef Tendon $5.50
8406 醉雞 Chicken cooked with wine $5.50
8407 雙冬烤麩 baked bran with dry mushroom and bamboo shoot $5.50

Traditional Chinese Style Main Dishes
8409 茄子雞煲 Eggplant chicken clay pot $11.50
8410 海鮮豆腐煲 Seafood and tofu clay pot $11.50
8411 湘川魚片 spicy fillets $11.50
8412 腐衣素菜卷 Bean Curd Skin vegetarian roll $11.50
8417 腐衣黃魚 yellow croaker with Bean Curd Skin $11.50
8418 金磚豆腐 crispy tofu $11.50
8419 豆干榨菜雞絲 chicken with bean curd and mustard $11.50
8420 紅燒豆腐魚 Braised tofu fish $13.95
8421 京都排骨 Kyoto ribs $11.50
8423 梅菜扣肉 pork with dry (pickled) vegetable $11.50
8424 紅燒獅子頭 Meatball braised in brown Sauce $11.50
8425 腐衣蝦卷 Bean Curd Skin shrimp rolls $11.50
8426 百花釀茄子 Flowers stuffed eggplant $11.50
8427 中式醬爆肉絲 Chinese Sauteed pork $11.50
8428 清炒時菜 seasonal Vegetables $11.50

Has anyone tried these dishes?

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  1. I have not gotten around to trying these yet but spectra21 has called the dishes "more acceptable" than what's found on their standard menu.

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    1. re: FinnFPM

      Mcdonalds is "more acceptable"... I gave up on that place like 15 years ago. horrible.
      Curiously the Lexington location, owned by the same people puts out much higher quality food (still not great) and a somewhat passable sunday dimsum buffet.

      1. re: FinnFPM

        I just came across this thread. I had takeout from Yangtze River in Littleton this past week - I personally only choose to order from the Chinese menu above during the rare times I order from here, and I reiterate that the food is indeed acceptable and fine. I personally prefer the Chinese dishes I've had here during the past year over McDonald's, but that's just me. The food is not outstanding and not horrible, in my opinion. Next time I order food, I'll take some photos to share so anyone interested can get some visuals. I've tried a variety of dishes from the menu above, and the ones I like best from above are: Chicken cooked with wine, Seafood and tofu clay pot, and Seasonal vegetables (there are a few variety of greens offered if you ask). These are milder dishes to suit my own personal Cantonese preferences. If you like Szechuan or Xi'an or spicier regional cusine, then those dishes I like the best probably will not suit you. I've also tried the pork with dry (pickled) vegetables, and kyoto ribs (both English translations are interesting, but these are classic dishes for anyone who can read the Chinese characters - the kyoto rib dish is a pork rib dish with a sweet and sour sauce, and the pork is a fatty pork dish).

        If I really want the best Cantonese food in Massachusetts, I'll drive into Boston Chinatown or go to Quincy to South Garden. But otherwise, I encourage any of you to try the dishes above yourself and share your opinion if Yangtze River is in your suburban neck of the woods. Yeah, definitely don't drive out of the way, but I don't think there's any need to bash the place. The staff speaks both Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

      2. Occasionally we've dined here, in a pinch. Found it very mediocre.

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          Did you order from the Chinese menu? I wouldn't order anything from the regular menu.

        2. Mmm, bran with mushrooms! I haven't seen that before.

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              1. re: KWagle

                I've had this dish before at Yangtze River, yes it's the gluten dish that is the traditional Buddhist vegetarian dish often served in Chinese restaurants. Presentation is not as nice as the link!