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Feb 2, 2013 07:08 AM

Ideas for Spot Prawns?

Just saw that Fresh Direct now is offering Spot Prawns and I wanted to give them a try. Has anyone tried them from Fresh Direct? (Am guessing they won't be quite as good as eating them fresh in the Pacific NW... but will take what I can get!)
And any suggestions on prep?

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  1. are they frozen? I have read, and perhaps someone can confirm this that spot prawns are better frozen, but must be handled correctly at the source or they will be mush. something about removing the head?

    I bought some that were frozen, on sale. I would say half were mushy. Pretty gross.

    If you go ahead and it all works out, I would recommend a prawn risotto. yummy.

    1. Were they pre-frozen or fresh? Head on or off? Either way give them a quick bath in a bowl of cold water with some salt and lemon juice added. Only about 30 seconds. Rinse and pat dry.

      1. Thanks for the ideas. They didn't appear frozen upon delivery (although I imagine they had to have been for transit from the west coast), but were also without heads. Ended up cooking them up scampi style with just a bit of butter, garlic, wine, red pepper and parsley...
        They tasted great!