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What to do with a big ham?

I bought an 11 pound shank ham from ShopRite at 84 cents a pound! Such a deal but now what should I do with it? I'm making a honey glazed ham in a cooking bag for dinner. Other then sandwiches what are your ideas or the leftovers? Thanks for your help. I

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  1. Take the bone with the hock and make some split pea soup. Also, make some ham hash or a fritadada.

    1. Scalloped potatoes with ham
      grind some for ham balls/loaf or ham spread
      Cut into slices or chunks and freeze it in recipe-ready amounts
      shredded ham in hollandaise, eggs benedict
      some ham slices rolled up in something...
      Really, with a freezer, your options are unlimited. I would definitely freeze some, so to avoid ham burn out.

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      1. Certainly use the bone for soup. I recently bought one of those huge hunks also. I cut a lot of it into 1/2" thick steaks then ponded them flat to about 1/4" with a rolling pin. Then I had a stack of thin pork cutlets which I wrapped individually in plastic wrap and froze. When we want pork cutlets there they are. It was a bit of work but the price was right.

        1. You'll need a ham hock (or two) as well, but I always make ham & green beans when I have extra ham.

          1. Not as much meat on a shank as one may think. You will however have plenty for sandwiches, breakfast ham, omelets etc. Remove as much meat (small pieces) from the bone as possible...They make excellent 'seasoning' meat for vegetables, jambalaya, etc. Take the bone and cover well with water. Simmer until the remaining meat falls from the bone. Remove the meat and save. Now soak some red beans and cook in the ham 'stock'. You may not need all of it. You are well on your way to a good pot of red beans and rice. When you are finished seasoning and cooking the beans add the ham meat back to the pot just long enough to get hot. ~~ Have fun

              1. Pinch/press 2 crescent roll triangles together. Spread a little Dijon mustard on it. Fill with finely chopped ham and cheddar. Twist and bake.

                And if you want to get fancy check out Ina Garten's ham and Swiss cheese puff pastry bake. I've made it a few times and talk about impressive taking it out of the oven, but It's really just a glorified ham and cheese sandwich IMO..

                1. My two favorite dishes to make with ham are potato and cheese soup, and ham salad.
                  Oh, and also ham, cheese and noodle casserole.

                  1. Save the drippings, refrigerate them, skim the fat off (unless you have a use for it), portion out, and freeze. They make a wonderful addition to soups, dried beans, and Southern-style vegetables.

                    Chunks, trimmings, and end pieces are also great in soups, beans, and egg dishes, anything from omelets to quiches to frittatas to breakfast burritos. :)

                    1. Use 3 cups, diced, in an egg( 7 large) /shredded potato (4 cups) casserole, along with 1/2 c. diced onion and 1 c. diced red & green peppers. In a skillet cook the onion, peppers and ham until the onions are softened. Drain. Mix that with the shredded potatoes, then stir in the eggs you've combined with 1/2 cup milk. Bake in a greased metal pan at 400 degrees for 55 minutes. Done when a knife inserted in center comes out clean. Optional - sprinkle servings with shredded cheddar cheese.

                      1. I bought a half-ham before Christmas because it was such a deal but I had no immediate use for a ham. I baked it and cut the entire thing into chunks about 1-2 inches square and froze them. Since, I have been enjoying ham in scalloped potatoes and baked beans, cooked with green beans and collard greens and cabbage, sauteed with frozen pineapple bits, heated with melty cheese in a bun sandwich, and in an omelet with cheese and mushrooms. Meanwhile, the ham bone made bean soup. If I ran out of other ideas, I would grind some ham with sweet pickles (the Cuisinart will do well enough) and mix it with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard as a sandwich spread. Ham in the freezer is money in the bank: you can't have too much.

                        1. Addendum to previous post: I forgot---Chinese-style egg foo young, Chinese-style fried rice, New Orleans-style red beans and rice, and cooked with dry lima or navy beans and a few potatoes, a Depression delicacy.

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                            Speaking of NOLA, I use leftover ham in jambalaya, along with the other stuff, of course.

                          2. Noodles alfredo can always stand a bit of ham added, as can any mac 'n' cheese dish.

                            Croque Monsieur sandwiches.

                            Rice, peas with some good smoked sweet paprika to spike things up goes better with ham.

                            1. I make ham and bean soup. a bag of 16 bean soup mix with ham flavoring. The ham on the bone, a can of stewed tomatoes, couple cans of chicken broth (or home made) some onion, salt and pepper and a bay leaf. Throw it all in the slowcooker and walk away. Simple and yet delicious :)