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Feb 2, 2013 06:56 AM

Need Suggestions on Restaurant to Hold 80th Bday Celebration

I'm starting to research this now - it would be about three months from now. The food/place doesn't need to be fancy, but good food is a must. Even though the birthday celebrant is of older age, he doesn't go for mediocre food. A buffet would be fine, though. The city would be best but I am open to any location within 30 minutes or so of Pittsburgh, be it N. Hills, S. Hills or somewhere in between. It would be for about 20 people.

We are also open to the idea of renting a space and catering through Big Burrito or something similar. If anyone knows of a place that will allow for such a small party and also not cost an arm and a leg, please share.

One must is that the place let us bring our own cake/cookies.

Would love to hear any ideas!

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  1. The loft at Lidia's?

    I don't know how they'd feel about your bringing in your own food, though.

    1. Phipps Conservatory has a meeting room and the Cafe will do the is good and Big Burrito does the food.

      Had a group to SixPenn on the second floor, room in the back. Great food and nice place.