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Feb 2, 2013 05:27 AM

Lunch in SE Orlando/ UCF area

I've got an errand which will put me in SW Orlando on HWY 50 this afternoon. It's south of UCF and I'm looking for a lunch place. I rarely go there ( I'm in Apopka) so what is interesting? I guess communities would be University Park, Bithlo, Chuluota. I'm not too familiar with area.

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  1. If you can get to the Waterford Lakes shopping plaza (Colonial and Alafaya), there are two places I like.

    Thai Singha might be my favorite Thai restaurant in Orlando, especially for its "drunken noodles" dish. (It might not be on the lunch menu, but they will make it if you ask.) Some Thai restaurants call it pad kee mao or pad kee mow.

    My wife and I have recently fallen in love with 100 Montaditos, a chain from Spain that makes *100* different tiny little sandwiches, served on the most delicious fresh-baked rolls (each about 3" long). All the sandwiches are priced between $1 and $3, making it a perfect opportunity to try a variety of them. The fries are also some of the best around, and are served with four dipping sauces.

    Just to save you from driving around the sprawling Waterford Lakes aimlessly, Thai Singha is around the corner from Best Buy, and 100 Montaditos is to the right of the movie theater, if you're facing it.