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Feb 2, 2013 05:23 AM

Target Brand Foods Yay/Nay- February 2013

Is it just me, or do others love some of the Archer Farms and Market Pantry foods? I have only tried a few, but think MPs string cheese (yay) and AFs Belgian chocolate ice cream (yay) blow away all competition in both categories! Their brand of Splenda (yay) is a good imitation, too, possibly better than regular Splenda in coffee.

Any other yays? Or nays?

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  1. We used to really enjoy the Archer Farms frozen pizzas, esp. the BBQ Chicken one (a great freezer item for quick dinners) but I haven't purchased them in a few years. Mostly because I've been trying to limit the carbs in our life a bit more. The AF chips and salsas, again a few years ago, seemed a bit more hit and miss. Makes me wonder if I should go pick a few up...

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      I've gotten a bit busier and wanting to have a coupla great quality frozen pizzas in reserve. Someone on chowhound said the WF frozen pizzas were tasty so I tried the bbq chicken one recently. Not bad. Now I will have to head to target for a taste comparison.

    2. I LOVE the AF flatbread pizzas, chips, salsa.. basically all the snacky foods. The trail mixes are delish as well.

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        Yeah, they do have a really good selection of snacks--my coworker brought in some really good mixed nuts; better than TJ's even.

      2. I agree that their flatbread pizzas are good. Haven't had one in awhile. Thanks for reminding me. And they have big plastic jars of cashews and other nuts at decent prices.

        It's not really a Target brand per se but sold only at Target: Giada De Laurentiis' pasta sauce is excellent.

        1. I tried some dark chocolate caramel cookies by AF that were okay tasting, but the ingredient list made me lose my appetite. High fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil and industrial preservatives are items I try to avoid in groceries, and AF seems to have slapped a Whole Foods style label on a bunch of Kraft-esque products.

          1. The Archer Farms Blue Corn chips with flaxseed?


            A girlfriend brought them to a gathering and we went nuts. So tasty, so high quality, so just, yummy. We are now fans.

            From now on, I will buy them anytime I see them.