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Feb 1, 2013 08:32 PM

Currently the best restaurant on Lincoln Road

Please give me your recommendation. Price or cuisine is not the primary consideration. I'm really looking for the best food. Thank you.

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  1. Shake Shack.


    OK, maybe Juvia. I've only been once, thought the food was mostly better than decent and the views were outstanding.

    Or go to the less populated west side of Lincoln Road and eat at Altamare, which can be quite nice.

    1. Shake Shack is a must of at some point.

      Juvia-very good raw offerings but place is very expensive and hard to recommend.
      If you like thai food I would give Khoing River House a shot.

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      1. re: The Chowfather

        Actually on lincoln Rd. (meaning on the strip).
        Alta Mare is the best.

        Meat Market is 2nd - but best for people watching

        I think Juvia comes in right after Meat Market but has an incredible view.

        Haven and Sushi Samba are tied after that.

        If you want to eat outside and people watch at the same time Meat Market and Sushi Samba are your best choices. Juvia is great for that too but people watching is limited to the restaurant itself as you are on the 11th floor. It is all about the scene and view.

        Shake Shack has a lincoln rd address but you are technically around the corner.

        Khong and Yardbird are off Lincoln but very close. They are about as good as each other but very different food styles.

        BTW CF -- your Nemesis Bistro review has a seriously funny part when taken out of context. Please do not change it. It is awesome. Read after "I'm a big octopus fan and".

      2. Meat Market
        Shake Shack

        1. I'd say Quattro, followed by Sushi Samba

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          1. re: shishar

            I have not eaten at Quattro in a very long time because it is overpriced, but it should certainly be considered when there is no or little concern about the budget.

          2. 1. Juvia (sky level)
            2. Meat Market (street level)
            3 Rosinella's (street level)

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            1. re: netmover

              I was a big fan of Meat Market but the last meal I had (year ago) was awful from start to finish. Bad enough that I will no longer recommend it.

              I did Quattro one time when they first opened and was completely underwhelmed and it was way overpriced. But I have had the chefs food at an outside event and it was very good. Thus, I need to go back.