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Feb 1, 2013 08:31 PM

Is House of spice a quality shop ?

I'm thinking about getting some good quality spices.
So far my cabinet is filled with Mccormick and Irresistible brand spices in the little jars and I thought that since I like cooking eveyrhting from European to Indian and Asian I might get some quality spices.
I read that Pendry's and Spicehouse in the states has quality spices but what about the House of Spice in Toronto ?
Looking at the pics it doesn't look like much, but is the product good ?

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  1. While I won't say that I've loved everything I've gotten there (most, but not everything), but they have a great selection, reasonable prices, and knowledgeable staff.

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      1. Next time you're in Buffalo visit Penzey's...GREAT spices and interesting mixtures and lovely store....helpful staff too...

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          I love Penzey's and order them on-line:

          Everything I've ever had is great and their Vietnamese Cinnamon is especially wicked.

        2. You might want to try The Spice Trader, on Queen West. I've bought a lot of spices there and have been very happy.

          1. I've been fairly happy with most of their dry spices as well. Good value overall.